A little message

Hi everyone,

So last night I meditated a bit and I just felt like sharing the message I received from my guides. All of them said the same thing when I asked for support with this blog –

“Be true to you, and everything will follow.”

I love this message, it’s so simple and yet so true! If we just remember to follow what feels true to us, what really excites us and what we really love, then we’re being true to our own selves.

I still have a hard time sometimes with just enjoying talking about things that excite me around others, I’ll actually change the subject myself to avoid talking further about it! But I’ve been trying to take a step back now and try to realize that if I myself love hearing others talk about the things that they love, and how wonderful it is to see that excitement and joy in their faces, why would someone feel differently about me what I talk?

I had wanted to do a little card reading this morning as a ‘thing to keep in mind today,’ but I felt that this was a more fitting post to write 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine E


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