Welcome Everyone

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to create this blog for a couple of reasons. As I am beginning to work on my intuitive/psychic/medium abilities I would really like to be able to share some of what I am able to do with others.  I would like to be able to offer readings to people if they are interested. So far I am comfortable doing oracle card readings and possibly some tarot readings.  But I can also just ask for messages from guides, ancestors, or spirits. As much as I love the readings I am able to give by using cards I would really like to focus a bit more on giving readings by using mediumship so I can practice that way. I feel that I have a lot of potential there so I just need to let go and explore it!

So far for readings I would prefer to do them for free as I am still learning. But if anyone feels that they must donate, it can be discussed. I am not doing this for money, honestly simply for the experience and the ability to be able to share messages with others.

I would like to say as well that I am writing and sharing these messages for myself but also for everyone else. If whatever I write somehow or somewhat resonates with you and you feel some truth behind it for yourself, that’s wonderful and I’m very happy for you! It’s why I’m doing this! But if you feel that what I’m saying is bull, I respect that was well and I hope you find something else that feels more true to you.

As for the name of the blog, “BloodMoon Readings”, it’s simply because I’ve always used the name BloodMoon for accounts and I still really enjoy it. I feel it has a nice balance to it and so unless I feel like using a different name, this’ll be it for now.

With that I think I’ll end this first post here so I wish you all a good day and a good night and I hope to write soon!

Blessed Be,

Katherine E


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