Message from an Old Sugar Maple Tree

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some messages I received today while meditating. So something that I’d really like to do with this blog is to be able to ask other spirit beings, like angels, mermaids, elves, plants, gnomes, fairies, etc., if they have any messages they’d like humanity to know. So that’s what my intention was for this meditation this morning, to hopefully receive some messages that I could share with everyone here.

Lately I’ve been trying to work more with my Elf mother. (Oh, by the way, Elves, from my experience and what I know that is true to myself, are a lot like the Lord of the Rings Elves, but just not violent) She’s been showing me how to connect more with trees lately so we worked on that this time.

I ended up having a conversation with an old sugar maple tree, he had a very strong, booming voice. I wrote down the conversation we had since it is something that was meant for not just me, but for everyone. What he said is in italics.

When you walk beneath our leaves, breathe in and remember. Remember who you are, where you came from, and what you can be. We will guide you. Remember.

I asked him if he meant that they’d guide some of us or all. All.

How do you we remember? What excites you? What excites you is you. You can’t deny that.

But how will you guide us? We can give you that place of calmness, the space for you – for us because we reply on another – to breathe again in peace.

We all have names, we all have souls, we all coincide with this beautiful planet together. We just have to remember how to be together again.

That was the end of the conversation. Now that it’s written down it looks a lot shorter of a conversation than it actually felt.

I know that it may sound strange that I’m saying I had a conversation with a maple tree, – in the spirit world mind you – with my Elf mother there working with me. But if we can so easily believe in angels, why not these other beings as well? Why try to deny an existence of something when it feels so truly real to us? That it’s only as if we’ve just fallen asleep and forgotten them for a little while, and once we wake up again we’ll remember them. In way I feel like the more I work with spirit beings the more I myself am waking up and remembering them, and with that I can help pass on their messages to help us all remember a bit more. How is it that we have this idea of what an Elf is, what a fairy is, an angel, a mermaid, all across the world and we wonder how we could have all made these creatures up in similar ways? They use people to help get their messages out, like Tolkien. Of course there are some mistranslations, some twists added to things, we still have to make things our own right?

But anyways, I hope that this post resonates with some who read it at least 🙂

Blessed Be,

Katherine E.


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