A short card reading for everyone

Hi everyone,

So I have a little reading for everyone to keep in mind today ❤  I used my Oracle of Mermaids deck and just asked what message they wanted people to know today as they go about their day.


So the Endurance card slipped out while I was shuffling, so I included it with the Guide card.

So the message today that they’d like to share with everyone is that even as you feel that you can’t go on, as if it’s just one bothersome thing to deal with after another, it’s okay, you can make it through it! Just trust in yourself and that everything, even the bad things in our lives, are an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves and grow. You just have to keep going. And through all of this you’ll always have someone to help guide you, be it family, friends, or spirits. So during the times where you feel that you just can’t keep doing this anymore, just try to take a step back, and try talking to someone you care about, about this issue. As you go through these tough times in life you’re being guided to find your authentic self, just remember that you wouldn’t be who you are today without the good and the bad experiences you’ve had! ❤

Blessed Be

Katherine E.


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