Message from my spirit guide

Hi everyone,

So today I decided to ask my spirit guide, who I call Kaine, if he has any messages he’d like to give for everyone. So I’m just going to type what he’s telling me. What he says is in italics.

Just be yourself. Following your hearts desire can be as simple as just following your excitement. Excitement and what excites you is and most likely will come up often because it is the easiest way to explain to you how to find yourself, your true or authentic self. How to find what makes you, you. 

We are always around you giving you our guidance and support even if you can’t hear us or feel that we’re around ❤ Sometimes it’s easier that way so that you can still be able to learn what you need to on your own. If something was just handed to you on a golden platter you wouldn’t feel the same amount of gratitude and accomplishment as if you had created it yourself. That is what I am trying to say. 

Just be happy, be free, and laugh. Laughter is important, it shakes off the old energy you don’t need to cling on to, and once you’ve had a good laugh you can just enjoy that calmness afterwards and relax. 

So I think I’ll just wrap it up here since I don’t feel like I really need to add anything more to what he said and I just feel like keeping it short today 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful day today!

Blessed Be

Katherine E.


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