We are all beautiful

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with all of you a message I received today while walking home. I was looking up at the moon, just thinking about how beautiful she is, and I received the message that the moon is just a reflection of us, that just as she is beautiful in every stage of her cycle in the sky, we too are beautiful in every stage of our lives. If we can see this beauty within the moon, the plants, animals, and other things in life, why can’t we recognize and see that beauty with ourselves throughout our lives? I know it’s not easy to see that beauty at times, especially when it just feels like it’s one terrible thing after another going on in your life. But just try to remember that even if you can’t see it, someone else can help remind you of it.

I’ve had a conversation similar to this with my spirit guide, and with a friend of mine recently. I was wondering why someone would want to be with someone else if that person isn’t where they feel they should be in life yet, like they feel that they haven’t reached that point in life where they feel that they represent who they truly want to be? I was wondering who would bother sitting there watching someone paint a picture, how could that be fun? But there is beauty there, just watching something being created like that makes you appreciate the final outcome even more. You get to witness something grow and become so much more than it was before at the beginning. So why wouldn’t someone want to be with someone else while they’re still trying to find themselves? And I don’t mean this in just a relationship way, such as boyfriend/girlfriend, etc, I mean this as well for friendships.

This is just something that’s been on my mind lately, and I’m glad that I can share it here. Thank you, for all of you who read this, and also for those of you who don’t, because I really do appreciate the fact that you’ve helped make this a safe place for me to be able to express myself and share these messages. ❤ So, thank you so much!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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