Mermaid card reading

Hey everyone,

I was guided to do this card spread as a message for everyone today. It’s a spread that I was shown by my mermaid spirits last month, which gives a nice balanced reading.  It doesn’t have a name, I haven’t really figured out what to call it yet. I hope that you all enjoy it!

Spread: Doesn’t have a name yet!

Deck: Oracle of Mermaids

Card 1: Love: your heart’s desire, what you want but may not realize

Card 2: Earthly Desires: what you need from nature and mother earth right now

Card 3: Mermaid’s Message: what the water beings want you to know

Card 4: Your Soul’s Desire: what your higher self wants you to know and keep in mind


Card 1: Telepathy (reversed): The message here is that many of us feel like we are alone because we may have shut others out by trying to protect ourselves.  We need to remember to talk again, but from an authentic and sincere place, then we will find that we can better connect with people again. You can open up and be vulnerable to those you trust, its okay ❤


Card 2: Yemaya (reversed): At times we forget that there is also a divine feminine energy as well as a divine masculine energy. We feel disconnected and frustrated at times because we have forgotten to recognize the true essence and potential of the feminine power. We need to remember that it is okay to let go of the need to control the land, and water, and that it is sometimes best to just let everything flow naturally as it was intended.


Card 3: Energy Field Adjustment: The mermaids ask that we work on honoring and respecting ourselves by focusing more on our own health – physically, mentally and spiritually. We should cleanse our auras more frequently now as we can at times take on other people’s energies throughout the day without meaning to. It is important to understand that sometimes when we’re feeling down for no apparent reason, or sick, that it could be because we’ve unknowingly picked up on someone else’s energy. You can protect yourself by surrounding yourself with a white light during a meditation. You can smudge with white sage to cleanse your aura, and being outside in nature can help as well.


Card 4: Imramma (reversed): What our higher self wants us to know is that we’re staying inside too much, sitting and reading rather than acting and doing. We need to go outside and explore, meet people, have these experiences we’ve been hearing about for ourselves. If there’s a trip you’ve been wanting to take but keep making excuses about and keep avoiding doing, maybe because you don’t feel like you deserve that for yourself – which you do by the way! – you should plan that trip and go! If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, but you’ve been holding yourself back, go and do it! There’s no reason to stop yourself if it’s something you’d love to do, something you’re excited to do, you deserve all the happiness and love you receive! ❤


I hope that you all have a wonderful day today! 🙂 Thank you all!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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