Message from a Grandfather Tree

Hey everyone!

The message I have for everyone is from a “Grandfather Tree.” A Grandfather or Grandmother tree is just a very old tree, they’re like centers of the community in nature since they’ve been around for so long. They help transfer nutrients to other trees and plants around them, as this article explains here.  But energetically they also transfer, well, energy to those around them! 🙂

Today during my meditation my elf mother brought me to this huge, very old tree, so I connected to it to receive any messages it had. First thing I noticed was how much energy it had, and then how interconnected it was with the whole forest around it. It was an incredible feeling, as if you could tune into any of the beings through this tree. It’s like the Tree of Souls in Avatar or the Banyan-grove tree in Avatar the Last Airbender. The way that you could connect with this one tree to be able to connect with any other being that it is also connected to is amazing!

His message for everyone is this:

We are all one. We are all connected. We are all united. As there is a million single threads that together make up a piece of clothing, as are all souls. Each soul lives its separate, single life, but together all souls make up the universe. This is what we try to teach you, remind you. You are never alone, you are always together, interconnected, all working towards the same goal – love and happiness. We – nature, the trees, the plants, the animals – we try to remind you of this but you get too caught up in your logic, in your mind. You forget to feel, feel with your whole body, physically and energetically. It is easier to feel the connection than it is to think it.

I really love his message! It’s such a wonderful reminder because it’s so easy to forget how we’re all connected and all one. Even if we’re living our own separate lives, we still feel the same emotions, and we still share the same planet. This is honestly where I must finish off with a quote Meowth from Pokemon The Movie where he says it the best: “We do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same…instead of always looking at what’s different, well, who knows?”  ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


New Page about People/Sites/Books!

Hey everyone!

This is just another short post about how I’ve made another page, but for people, sites, and books/authors that I’d like to share with everyone! Most of them have inspired me and had an impact on my journey ❤ I’ll be adding to it as things go along since I’m sure they’ll be more that I’d like to share with all of you!

You can find that page on the right hand side along with my About Me page and the page with my Tarot/Oracle decks and spreads >>>

You may have noticed that there’s another extra thing on the right hand side too my facebook page!

Haha I may be a little excited about how this is all turning out! Anyways, I’m going to end this post here, so I hope you all have a lovely night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

Reading from the Mermaids

Hey everyone,

Today’s reading is from the Mermaids and the spread I still don’t have a name for, I was thinking maybe The Mermaid’s Song? Let me know what you think! 🙂

Deck: Oracle of Mermaids

Spread: The Mermaid’s Song (?)

Card 1: Love: your heart’s desire, what you want but may not realize

Card 2: Earthly desires: what you need from nature and Mother Earth right now

Card 3: Mermaid’s message: what the water beings want you to know

Card 4: Your Soul’s Desire: what your higher self wants you to know and keep in mind.

I won’t lie, I find it interesting that two of the cards in this reading were in the other mermaid card reading from before. It usually just signifies that we may need to keep working with that one area. 🙂


Card 1: Air (reversed): What they’d like to say here is that we aren’t breathing as fully or deeply as we should be, that we are breathing only shallow breaths. And that with this we are finding it difficult to take in and explore new experiences. Deep breathing allows us to connect more with the world around us. So in that sense, what our heart wants us to know is that we can let go of the restrictions we have upon ourselves and we can safely begin connecting again with those around us.


Card 2: Energy Field Adjustment: We need to look towards cleansing our aura and health and that nature can help us with this. If you are connecting with other people’s auras, you may not realize it, and you can end up taking on other people’s energies as your own. So it is important to cleanse your aura frequently so that you can stay balanced. Going outside in nature can help you do this, smudging with white sage can as well, and meditation.


Card 3: Telepathy (reversed): What the Mermaid’s and other water beings want us to keep in mind is that we are shutting ourselves in by trying to protect ourselves too much. This can cause us to feel isolated and lonely, as if we don’t fit in or connect well with many people, be it friends, family or coworkers. So they want us to try to talk more, communicate, but by being authentic about what we say. If we are able to let go of the masks or the walls we put up around those we talk to, we will find that we can connect easier with people and that we’re not as alone as we think we are.


Card 4: Water Flight: What our higher selves want for us is to be free! The message here is that we need to feel again and that once we begin expressing our emotions freely that we’ll feel these weights lift off of us again. They want us to connect more with our feminine nature, be it by connecting to the womb for women or connecting more with your feminine nature, to appreciate it more, for men. Connecting to our femininity allows us to connect more with our emotions, which is why it is important. It may be good as well to spend some time in water and just feel how light our bodies become while we’re there, it can help us let go of our worries when we can just let go and just float there freely.


I hope you all enjoyed the reading and have a wonderful day today! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

New Page with Decks and Spreads!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to do up a quick post to let everyone know that I’ve made up a page showing all of the decks and spreads I use. You can find it by going under the Menu and clicking on Tarot/Oracle Decks and Spreads I Use. Pages don’t show up on the side along the blog posts, so you can only really get to them by going under the Menu.

You can also just click here to get to the page as well.

If anyone is interested and would like me to, I can take pictures of the decks with all of their cards. Just leave a comment saying you’d like me to, and I’ll be more than happy to do it up! 🙂

I just figured that it would be good to have one page for a quick and easy reference for my decks and spreads in case anyone is interested. I find that at times I get bored with using typical spreads like The Celtic Cross or Past/Present/Future, so I wanted to share the spreads that I’ve been shown by my guides and spirits and spreads that I’ve found online as well.

I hope you all enjoy and have been having a wonderful day today!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

Thanksgiving and gratefulness <3

Hey everyone 🙂

Today is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so I’ve been chowing down of some yummy turkey and stuffing and all the other foods that go along with a turkey dinner. And of course some pumpkin pie 😀 I had wanted to do a reading earlier for today, since it’s about giving thanks and being grateful for what you have in your life but I was happily busy with family and friends 🙂

But I have some down time before the Walking dead episode is on so I figured I’d take this time to ask spirit if there’s any messages they’d like to give regarding being grateful. So Kaine, my spirit guide, had some messages about gratitude, what he says is in italics.

Being grateful is you sending out love into the universe to those that you’re grateful for, be it people, places or things. You’re sending out love to them but also to yourself. You’re embodying love and raising your vibrations to that frequency. It also allows you to connect to and be in your vortex.

So an example of being in your vortex,  from my own personal experience, happens when I realize that every aspect in my life is wonderful and I feel happy about it. For example the other night I was talking to a dear friend of mine about how I’ve noticed that when I’m alone enjoying myself, be it watching metalocalypse or listening to music, I suddenly feel ashamed of myself, that I should feel bad for not socializing and being around people, that I’m being unproductive and I shouldn’t enjoy being alone. I realized that while explaining this that I’m finally enjoying being alone and spending time by myself. That I can point at these moments and know now that there’s no reason for me to feel that way. I felt so happy with this realization! I hate being alone, it scares me at times honestly so this is a big step for me! I just had to sit there fot a few minutes, smiling, feeling so much love just knowing this. That I enjoy my job, my coworkers are so caring, my friends are wonderful and supportive, my family is amazing and now I can finally say that I enjoy my alone time and being alone!

My hope is that if I can explain it at least a little bit, maybe someone else can feel that same happiness, love, excitement and joy in their life and be in their vortex.

So The Walking Dead is about to start soon so I’m going to have to cut this post short here! Thank you, each one of you, for your support and for giving me a space where I can express myself and share messages. ❤

Blessed Be
Katherine Everett

Daily card reading, with a new deck!

Hey everyone,

I bought a new deck a little while ago, Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild, which I haven’t really used since the first day I bought, I was just waiting for what felt like the right time to start using them. Today felt like that day! So I’ve done up a little card reading for everyone.

So these cards are all about working with the Goddess Isis and her healing abilities, honoring the feminine, and allowing her to help guide you through any dark times to see the light again and remember why you’re here.

The two cards that came up today was Cartouche:  Divine Names of Power and Truths Unveiled: The Revelation of Isis. The amethyst in the picture is one that a good friend of mine gave me one year, I decided to meditate with it for today’s reading.


What they’d like to say with the Cartouche card is to tell everyone that if you feel like you want to work with your voice in one way or another to that resonates with you, be it singing, healing, writing or speaking, that you should continue working with that. But to also remember that sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is “no” when honoring yourself and what you feel is best for you. There is nothing wrong with setting healthy boundaries for yourself, and if you do so with honestly and love that you’ll find that those around you won’t be pushed away, they will respect you for that because you are just doing what is best for yourself. At times it may be good to say to yourself “I choose to see the Divine within this person, place, or situation.”

The other thing that they’d like you to keep in mind as well with this card is that you should just try to be aware of the company you keep, that if you feel like you must act a certain way that doesn’t feel true to you and yourself to be able to ‘fit in’, that you should ask yourself what effect it has on you and whether it is worth the effort based on how you really feel.

I know it can be scary, letting go of people in your life, because you wonder how you’ll meet new friends that are better suited to you and who you want to be. But don’t be afraid, try to trust that once you let go of what doesn’t resonate with you anymore – which is not a negative thing by the way, since we are all forever changing throughout our lives – that you’ll begin attracting more people into your life that resonates with what you need or truly want at this part of your life. It’s the Law of Attraction 🙂

Now the Truth is Unveiled card ties in very well with the Cartouche card as the message that comes from this is to understand and realize that if you have feelings or an intuitive sense that someone or something in your life just isn’t adding up to what it seems to be, that it most likely isn’t. If you feel any anxiety, or a doubt about someone, no matter who that is, that you can trust that feeling. As they would like to remind you: You cannot heal what is not revealed. Healing can come from this situation and if you are able to trust in these feelings of yours, you will be able to act more appropriately when you see the truth. You can ask Isis, your guides, or whomever you feel connected with, to help reveal the truth to you about this situation to you, if you’d like. And remember, even though this may be painful, that something even better will come out of it afterwards, even if it doesn’t seem like it right then. ❤

I hope that all of you found some healing from this reading and that all of you have a wonderful day, afternoon and night! And considering it’s almost Thanksgiving, at least in Canada, I’d like to say that I’m grateful for all of you who take a minute or two out of your day to read my blog. It means a lot to me, that I may be able to help make at least one person’s day a bit brighter by delivering these messages. So, thank you!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

A Message from my Spirit Guide

Hi everyone,

My spirit guide, Kaine, has a message that he’d like to share with everyone today. He asked me to use my angel oracle deck as well with this. It’s funny, I shuffled it twice and both times I got the exact same card, Innocence.

In case it’s difficult to read the print, it says:

Innocence: “Beloved One, everyone is guiltless in truth, as no one can alter God’s handiwork of perfection. Give us your feelings of heaviness so we can lighten your load. Give us any guilt, anger, or blame that may shroud your loving outlook. Enjoy the peace within your heart once more.”


So the message that they’d like to give with this card is that you can let go of those negative emotions, the guilt, the fear, the anger, and ask them to help you with that. Kaine would like to share his message with everyone though, what he says is in italics as usual:

There is something more to this, as you live your life it can become difficult at times to see the good in everyone you meet. It can be difficult to look at things in the way a child would, with innocence and seeing the good that also lies within the person along side the bad that you see. As you let go of the emotions that weigh you down just keep in mind each day as you go along that each person is a reflection of you, each person is you, we are all one. You all feel the same spectrum of emotions, and with that in mind you each have the same potential, the same ability, to be loving, to be loved, and each of you are worth the love you receive in your life.  So please allow us to help you with lightening your load so that you can feel free again to love and accept love. Innocence does not mean that you accept or put up with anyone’s hurtful behavior, it simply means letting go of blame and seeing the bigger picture, that you have times in your life where you could be that person as well, even as you go along in life trying your best. That is simply it, everyone, no matter what, is just trying their best in their own way.

Personally, I understand how difficult this can be to do at times. It’s like a constant work in progress, trying to look at life that way. But it does make experiences a bit easier honestly. When you can just gently remind yourself that everyone is just trying their best, even if it may not be in accordance with how you may do things, you can understand a bit more where people are coming from.

Before I end this, I would really like to thank my spirit guide for working with me and delivering such a beautiful message. I am very grateful to be able to work with everyone I do to be able to deliver messages for all of you. Even if only a small amount of people see it, I still feel like I’m helping share my gifts with others and helping people. So, thank you, all of you! ❤

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful day today!

Blessed be,

Katherine Everett