Reading from the Mermaids

Hey everyone,

Today’s reading is from the Mermaids and the spread I still don’t have a name for, I was thinking maybe The Mermaid’s Song? Let me know what you think! 🙂

Deck: Oracle of Mermaids

Spread: The Mermaid’s Song (?)

Card 1: Love: your heart’s desire, what you want but may not realize

Card 2: Earthly desires: what you need from nature and Mother Earth right now

Card 3: Mermaid’s message: what the water beings want you to know

Card 4: Your Soul’s Desire: what your higher self wants you to know and keep in mind.

I won’t lie, I find it interesting that two of the cards in this reading were in the other mermaid card reading from before. It usually just signifies that we may need to keep working with that one area. 🙂


Card 1: Air (reversed): What they’d like to say here is that we aren’t breathing as fully or deeply as we should be, that we are breathing only shallow breaths. And that with this we are finding it difficult to take in and explore new experiences. Deep breathing allows us to connect more with the world around us. So in that sense, what our heart wants us to know is that we can let go of the restrictions we have upon ourselves and we can safely begin connecting again with those around us.


Card 2: Energy Field Adjustment: We need to look towards cleansing our aura and health and that nature can help us with this. If you are connecting with other people’s auras, you may not realize it, and you can end up taking on other people’s energies as your own. So it is important to cleanse your aura frequently so that you can stay balanced. Going outside in nature can help you do this, smudging with white sage can as well, and meditation.


Card 3: Telepathy (reversed): What the Mermaid’s and other water beings want us to keep in mind is that we are shutting ourselves in by trying to protect ourselves too much. This can cause us to feel isolated and lonely, as if we don’t fit in or connect well with many people, be it friends, family or coworkers. So they want us to try to talk more, communicate, but by being authentic about what we say. If we are able to let go of the masks or the walls we put up around those we talk to, we will find that we can connect easier with people and that we’re not as alone as we think we are.


Card 4: Water Flight: What our higher selves want for us is to be free! The message here is that we need to feel again and that once we begin expressing our emotions freely that we’ll feel these weights lift off of us again. They want us to connect more with our feminine nature, be it by connecting to the womb for women or connecting more with your feminine nature, to appreciate it more, for men. Connecting to our femininity allows us to connect more with our emotions, which is why it is important. It may be good as well to spend some time in water and just feel how light our bodies become while we’re there, it can help us let go of our worries when we can just let go and just float there freely.


I hope you all enjoyed the reading and have a wonderful day today! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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