Reading with My New Tarot Deck!

Hey everyone!

I just bought a new tarot deck today – Shadowscape Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore! It’s an absolutely beautiful and gorgeous deck! I originally bought this deck for a friend of mine – Midnight Pixie, who does tarot and oracle readings, as well as daily horoscope readings. You can check out her facebook page here and her website here!  Well after I saw the deck I just knew that I had to get it for myself haha I do want to try to take pictures of the whole deck to show you all how amazing each card is. The thing I love about this deck is that you can use the cards themselves – the pictures – rather than their names or numbers with their traditional meaning, to do a reading with because there’s so much info in the pictures that you can just intuitively work with that. That’s one of the mean issues I find I have with tarot cards, trying to remember each and every card and their meanings, so being able to use this deck is such a way intuitively will be great!

So here’s a couple of pictures of the box, book, and cards:



On top of this, I wanted to do a reading for everyone with the deck, I figured it would be a nice way to break them in! 🙂

So I used the spread that the mermaid’s taught me, which I still haven’t figured out what to call it yet maybe Mermaid’s Song? Again suggestions are welcome!

Deck: Shadowscape Tarot

Spread: Mermaid’s Song (?)

Card 1: Love: your heart’s desire, what you want but may not realize.

Card 2: Earthly desires: what you need from nature and Mother Earth right now.

Card 3: Mermaid’s message: what the water beings want you to know.

Card 4: Your Soul’s Desire: what your higher self wants you to know and keep in mind.


Card 1: XVII The Star: What your heart wants to remind you is that you may desire the stillness and calm after a busy day. That you need to just take that moment for yourself to gaze at the stars in silent amazement at their beauty as they shine and glow up in the sky above. Follow your heart and find what excites you, what inspires you, and go for it! You have the strength and endurance, you just have to trust yourself and do what makes you the happiest, what excites your very being.


Card 2: Eight of Wands: What nature and Mother Earth wants you to keep in mind that if you are trying to achieve a certain goal or have a project that you are working on, that this is the beginning and that you will be rewarded greatly once you reach the end. But also to keep in mind that the thoughts, actions and ideas that you put out there during your day, be it about your goals or projects, that they spread and help inspire others around you. Just as blowing on the dandelion spreads all the little seeds far away on the wind to grow elsewhere.


Card 3: Three of Swords: What the mermaids and other water beings would like you to know is even as you feel as if you keep being beaten down by life again and again and again, that no matter what you still get up strong and continue on. That this pain and crying because of it may help cleanse you and allow you to let go of emotions that you don’t need any longer in your life so you can carry on and move forward in a healthier way. Just try to remember that as the ocean crashes loudly against the shore, it always eventually has its time of calm and quiet, where its surface becomes as smooth as glass and reflects the land around it. So as the ocean can be both rough and calm, as does life, so do we. So the rough times will eventually pass to a calmness where you can let go of emotions and reflect again.


Card 4: Ten of Wands: What your higher self wants to tell you is that you may be taking on some things that feel like a burden, that you are wondering if they are really worth the effort and attention you’re giving them. You may have taken these things on willingly, knowing that you have the strength to bare it and take it on. Some of these things that are weighing you down could be good for you and help you flourish and grow afterwards.


I hope you all enjoyed the reading and have a wonderful day, evening and night! ❤ I’m off to watching The Walking Dead and then go to bed!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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