Daily Reading with a New Spread!

Hey Everyone,

So today’s reading I’m trying a new spread I was just taught by my Elf Mother. It’s called The All Mother Spread. I’m using my new Shadowscapes Tarot deck as well. The spread is a way to offer different perspectives about a question or situation.


Card 1: The Roots: the root of what the person needs to know/the question/the problem at hand.

Card 2: The Trunk: the core of it all, where the person stand within it all

Cards 3, 4, 5: The Branches: different perspectives to take about the root of what you’re looking at.


The Root: IV The Emperor: What they want to tell us is that the problem we’re facing right now, that we need to work on, is that we are stuck in this old thought process, these old ideas, that we can control things that are out of our hands. That we can control the nature and make it do as we ask, as we wish. So we need to begin to look at the ways we view things and consider reevaluating them. This can relate to nature and our need to bend it to our will, but it can also just as easily relate to our lives and the relationships we hold with others.


The Trunk: Nine of Wands: What they want us to know is that we need to recognize the strength we hold within ourselves and that as we stand watch vigilantly to the things that goes on around us, that there may be a time where we’ll need to stand up and endure more challenging situations. Letting go of old beliefs can cause the foundations of what we know is right and wrong to crumble and feel shaky, but during those times that’s when we need to stay strong and remember that as we let go of those beliefs that aren’t in alignment with who we truly are, we’ll be able to find out for ourselves what is true to us, what feels right. Opening up to new perspectives may be scary at times, but it can be very enlightening as well.


The Branches: Page of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles:

Page of Pentacles: If we embrace this idea of looking at and reevaluating our beliefs, ideals, and ways of thinking, then we have potential to grow even more than before, this is what they want to say with the Page of Pentacles. How we each decide to go about it and how much we learn from it, is different for everyone. Some may not feel ready to let go and expand their understandings, believing that what they thought in the past was correct before, so it must continue being correct today in the present. There is nothing wrong with that. If someone doesn’t feel ready or that they don’t need to change, then that’s fine, it is their life, not yours, so you can continue on working on your own self. ❤


Six of Pentacles: This card represents the cycles of dependencies between the haves and the have nots. The piper does not notice or realize the effects his generosity has upon the sapling below. He does not see that as it’s winding itself up the pillar he’s sitting upon, it’s giving it extra strength. So whether they realize it or not, they each support one another. The piper gives nourishment and life to the sapling, and as the sapling grows the vines wrap around the pillar protecting it and allowing the piper to have a stable foundation. What we do in our lives has more of an effect than we may realize, as we change we change the world around us as well. So what may have seemed impossible before, really is achievable and obtainable. The change begins with yourself, because as you work on changing yourself you change the world around you and give others the opportunity to see things in a different perspective.


Five of Pentacles: What they want us to think about with this card is that we may not be listening to our bodies or to our higherselves. The woman in the card doesn’t notice the soul, the butterfly, so near to her, she views the thorns as dangerous and tries to huddle away from them, when they too have flowers on them. She is willfully blind to both the external world as well as her internal world. Once we begin listening to our bodies and to what our higherselves want, then we can begin recognizing again the beauty around us, that there is so much more out there than what we had previously perceived. Until we begin listening again, we may feel as this woman does, excluded, lonely and loss. So that is why we need to begin hear what our bodies and souls want to tell us. ❤


I hope you all enjoyed the reading and have a wonderful day, evening and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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