Raising your vibration: Messages from a Dragon


Hey everyone,

Today’s messages are from a good friend of mine, a beautiful red dragon ❤ As usual, what he says are in italics.

What would you like to speak about?

About being strong, not letting go but also being able to be flexible. As dragons, we are strong, independent, and as you would say, wise as well. But our wisdom only comes from what we observe and take note of. We are always around, watching over and protecting you and the earth. 

If any of you come across anyone who says that you can pay money to be in-tuned with dragons and to be purified to be able to work easier with us, that is not necessary. If you just ask us and seek for us we will be there by your side to help you no matter what. 

Breathe little one. We can show you how to breathe in a way that allows you to better focus your mind and stay calm. Fire can be used for purification, it can be used to remove negative thoughts and feelings that you may have a difficult time letting go of.  As you breathe in imagine a swirling of gasses building in your stomach and as you breathe out allow it to be formed into fire. Allow that flame to cleanse you. If you would like, you can think of the flame being all the colours of the rainbow, not dangerous but beautiful and healing. 

What is your purpose?

We are here to protect and watch over you and this earth. We help maintain a balance and allow energy to ebb and flow harmoniously. We will not allow you or anyone to destroy this earth. She understands the confusion, the pain and the suffering that you all experience, and if you just listen you can help heal your planet. She has messages for all of you, each and every one of you, to bring healing and love to you all. We all coexist together in a symbiotic relationship. Just as you help give the trees their breath, they give you yours. We all are working together whether you see it or not right now, to help you raise your vibrations and see this connection that is between all of us. 

Could you explain the idea of raising vibrations?

Yes of course. A vibration is a state of energy, a state of being. As you vibrate at a certain frequency you attract others of similar frequencies. This is what we call the Law of Attraction. We ask that you work on raising your vibration because it brings you closer to your higher self and to us. Just take a minute to think about what excites you, and just feel that for a moment. That pure excitement, that joy, that is the vibration that is truest to you.

How can we raise our vibration?

There are many ways. One of the easiest ways would be to just follow what gives you that feeling of excitement and joy. Gratitude is another way as well. You can write yourself a list each day of what you are grateful for in your life, as you go through when you think of something that bothers you, just let that thought go and go back to what in your life makes you happy. You can also raise your vibration through meditation as well. I would like that add that meditation is not meant to be a “I can do it better than you because I have X amount of years practicing it.” Meditation is a personal and subjective experience, and some days you may find that it is not as easy to connect or to calm your mind. That is normal and fine, do not, please do not, beat yourself up for this. Just let it go and continue on with your day, find something that does make you happy. Be it colouring, talking to friends and family, playing video games or exercising. Remember that there are many ways to raise your vibration so if you find one way a bit too challenging at first that is okay, you have many options to choose from.

Are there any other messages you would like to share?

Yes of course. Just be yourself. I know that it is not easy given the world you live in, but if you just stay true to your own self then you will see your life unfold in ways you never expected. Happiness breeds happiness. If you just follow your passions in life and just be, then you may find that things will just fall into your lap when you least expect it. Once you let go of that need, that idea that you cannot live without that thing, be it a career, house, relationship, then you will find that everything will flow a lot easier. Let go of the barriers, the expectations and the limitations you put up for yourself. Allow the energy and universe around you to just flow with you. Just be free.

Enjoy every part of your life, every happy moment, every joyful, excited and laughable moment. When negative things come into your life recognize that it is there, but let it go and release it. Understand that it is a part of your reality but that you can choose to be happy and excited, choose to be free from the restraints of holding onto those negative emotions and thoughts. 

Be free little ones and live the lives you were meant to live! ❤ 

I hope you all enjoyed the reading and aren’t too stressed getting prepared for the holidays!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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