Global Warming and Messages from Gaia/Mother Earth


Hey everyone,

The topic of today’s reading is one that a person suggested on the facebook group. She had some questions for Gaia! So here’s the reading, I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

How do you feel about the current state of global warming?

It is sad, yes, but in a way also a natural process of life. It is true, humans have advanced the progress of global warming but it is not the end. With global warming I feel at peace about it. It hurts, yes, to see humans disrespect the planet they live on, but that is only a handful compared to how many of you who would protect this earth if given the opportunity to. This is as much about learning and adapting for you as it is for me. As much as it saddens me to see species dying off, I know that it is not the end, that their lives still continue on after here. 

Is there any advice that you have on how to help stop global warming?

Simple. Just live your life as you’re meant to. If you feel as if you would like to stand up and help protect the planet you live on, then do so. Follow what you are passionate about and care about. By standing up and deciding to make even a tiny change in your world you help change the rest of the planet. If you feel that windmills are important and you believe that there is a perfect area for it near where you live, then act upon that desire if you wish. A thing as simple as using reusable bags instead of plastic bags is another way you can work on changing the world around you. It can be big or small, the change you make in your own life, and that is your choice alone. Global warming will continue, however you can help bring healing to the planet and to yourselves.

Are natural events such as forest fires, storms, etc., a way for you to cleanse the earth and remove any stagnant or negative energies?

This is a wonderful question, and thank you for asking it. In a sense, yes, natural events or disasters as you call them, are a way to remove stagnant and negative energy. It is also used to help move energy from one area to another as there are certain animals and plants that use fires and storms as a way to spread themselves further across the earth. These disasters are not to punish anymore or to say who has down wrong, they are simply a way of life, the way the energy ebbs and flows throughout the planet. 

Do you see these events as needed and necessary? 

Yes, I do. They help keep the planet in balance and allow the energy of move smoothly.

Are there any other messages that you have for everyone?

Yes, thank you for asking. Any damage that has been done to the earth is not the end, and it is not as sever as you believe it to be. I have been around for a very long time and these things are just part of a planet’s life. When you understand the connection within all of us, you’ll understand that any destruction you cause to the planet will not end my life or yours. Thank you, all of you.

Thank you, again, for suggesting this post, Tiffany! I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening and night! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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