Connecting with Neptune – What to Expect in 2018

Hey everyone,

I’m back! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy year for me! The road trip back across Canada was lovely and I’ll share a bit about it in a future post 🙂 In the meantime I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

For now though I’ll keep it short as I would like to share some messages from the planet Neptune with all of you.

What is your purpose? What is the main message you would like humanity to know?

My purpose is to help direct you to the truth that exists within you. Seek for your answers within. Connect with your higher self and build upon your relationship with yourself. This is how you will attract the love you want into your life – by loving yourself first. Be gentle with yourself as you are with a young child who knows not how the world around them expects them to be. Remember that there was once a time where you too were not aware of society’s expectations. Honour this inner child and innocence. Let the healing begin by showing love to your inner child. Play with it and let yourself be open to feeling what comes to you.

How can I connect with you and work with you?

Well, you are connecting to me right now, are you not, Dear One? All you need to do to connect with me is to simply think of me and I shall be there as I am here right now. To work with me I only ask that you come from the heart and of the highest vibration – of unconditional love.

If you feel called to do so, light a candle for me, as you call upon my guidance. A dark blue candle if you can, will do. If you are out of luck and without a candle, blue or not, then you can also place water in its place.

Do you work with certain parts of the lunar cycle?

I do, when you are planning on manifesting anything new call upon me during your lunar ritual. Ask me to assist you in the Astrals before you drift off to sleep and I will visit you in your dreams.

What messages to you have for me?

Ah I have many messages for you, Dear One, but for today we shall pick just one. Expression – be it through written, oral, or any other form of communication it is important for your creative freedom. Breathe and be at peace. Then find your center. Set your intention. Then begin your task. When you feel satisfied with a job well done (and we will be there to remind you when you have done more than enough, Dear One) then you may share what you will with the world. Later reflect upon what you have experienced so that you may learn and grow from it.

Continue to express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your opinions. Your desires, ambitions and goals are worth writing down as well, Dear One. Write them down and then watch them manifest before your very eyes. As we have mentioned before, now is the time to begin bringing forth what you desire into your life. Create and be free to express yourself for who you truly are.

Do you have any messages for humanity for the upcoming New Year?

This year will bring much change for humanity as a collective. It is time to finally step up and honour who you are and your connection to ALL THAT IS. Many of you will begin living a more sustainable and independent life this year. For many this is just in the beginning of it’s fruition, in it’s planning stages. But planning is half the fun! But do understand, Dear Ones, that as much as you expect things to go as planned, they will most likely not, and that is because your higher self knows best. Do not feel discouraged, Dear Ones, as we say this with much love. The unexpected will bring great opportunity for growth and positive changes. It will open the door to new paths for you to travel. This coming year will be one that will build the foundation of what is to be in the future. Remember to practice visualizing and feeling what you want to manifest into your life. 🙂 ❤

Much love and light, Dear Ones.

Thank you all, as always, for your love and support! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


Business Cards!

Hey everyone!

I aplogize for not posting any messages for a bit. It’s the last month and a half of classes so I’ve wanted to make sure that I focus on that.

But! As the title of this post suggests, I got my business cards today! And they’re beautiful! Here’s what they look like:


I’m really excited to be able to pass these out to people soon. 🙂

I hope everything has been wonderful for all of you! I’m keeping this post short tonight as I have some work to do.

Blessed Be,
Katherine Everett

Now Providing Readings for People!

Hey everyone!

I would like to start providing readings for people by email, I just posted a page you can check out here, called Request a Reading! it explains everything I’m about to say: That I am a psychic medium, and I use tarot, oracle cards, and communicate with spirits to provide readings of love and healing. I would like to provide this service because I feel that it is great way to share messages of love and healing to other people and also to further expand my abilities and learn more myself. I also completed psychic development course which I have a certificate of completion for:


If you’re interested in receiving a reading send me an email at

It is $45 for a reading. Payment will be done by money email transfer.

In the email I would ask that you please do not provide any personal information as it can potentially influence the reading for you. If you have a specific question you’d like to receive insight about, or an aspect of your life, you can write in the email so that it may be the focus of the reading. If you do not have a question in mind that is fine as I can provide a reading without a focus. In that case you would receive messages that would best benefit you in your life presently in a healing and loving way.

I’ll email you a reply back stating when I’ll be able to do your reading and once it’s completed I’ll email it to you.

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

New Page about People/Sites/Books!

Hey everyone!

This is just another short post about how I’ve made another page, but for people, sites, and books/authors that I’d like to share with everyone! Most of them have inspired me and had an impact on my journey ❤ I’ll be adding to it as things go along since I’m sure they’ll be more that I’d like to share with all of you!

You can find that page on the right hand side along with my About Me page and the page with my Tarot/Oracle decks and spreads >>>

You may have noticed that there’s another extra thing on the right hand side too my facebook page!

Haha I may be a little excited about how this is all turning out! Anyways, I’m going to end this post here, so I hope you all have a lovely night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

New Page with Decks and Spreads!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to do up a quick post to let everyone know that I’ve made up a page showing all of the decks and spreads I use. You can find it by going under the Menu and clicking on Tarot/Oracle Decks and Spreads I Use. Pages don’t show up on the side along the blog posts, so you can only really get to them by going under the Menu.

You can also just click here to get to the page as well.

If anyone is interested and would like me to, I can take pictures of the decks with all of their cards. Just leave a comment saying you’d like me to, and I’ll be more than happy to do it up! 🙂

I just figured that it would be good to have one page for a quick and easy reference for my decks and spreads in case anyone is interested. I find that at times I get bored with using typical spreads like The Celtic Cross or Past/Present/Future, so I wanted to share the spreads that I’ve been shown by my guides and spirits and spreads that I’ve found online as well.

I hope you all enjoy and have been having a wonderful day today!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett