How I Channel and Deliver Messages

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I’d do something a little different and explain to all of you how I deliver messages and channel. After having a conversation with a friend about it I figured it would be fun to do a post here about it as well for all of you. 🙂

The first thing I think is important no matter what you’re doing is to just let go and throw away all the definitions you hold about what is channeling, etc. If you always base what you experience by someone else’s definition then you may be overlooking and missing how you yourself experience things personally.

I never considered myself to be channeling until other people started saying that it was what I was doing. I just considered myself to be doing a reading and delivering messages. That’s because I had thought that channeling meant that you were allowing a spirit or your higher self to be speaking through you verbally. Now because I have allowed myself to understand what I do first without trying to find a definition it fits into I have a broader definition of what channeling is and I understand myself and how I experience things better. Allow you to be you first and foremost.

What I do first to prepare for doing a reading/channeling is I sit in a comfortable position and I put on music. I typically listen to the same music every time, and any meditation or relaxing music works. By listening to the same music each time I’m trying to associate the music with being in a meditative state. I also use earbuds or headphones, to cancel out the noise going on around me, but also because some meditative music is better to listen to with headphones.

Then I begin my meditation. I first ground myself and connect myself to Mother Earth through my root chakra and then connect myself up through my crown chakra to the universe. Then I just focus on my breathing and as I breathe in I imagine the energy moving up or down through my body and as I breathe out I imagine the energy moving in the opposite direction. I also like to imagine the energies intertwining and twisting around one another as they work in harmony together to help balance me. Once this is done you can go through and do a body scan, which is just focusing on your body and how it feelings, you can also do a chakra scan as well. Taking a moment to surround yourself with a protective barrier can be helpful as well if it makes you fee more comfortable. It can be as simple as breathing in white light and allowing it to form an egg around you. Do some experimenting and see what works for you. Don’t forget that you can always ask your guides if you’re having trouble finding something that works for you!

Once I’m done my personal part of the meditation I set my intentions. So I state that I’m doing this meditation to deliver messages for everyone/all of humanity, and that if there are any beings who would like to share any messages that they can work with me now. Then I just breathe and wait until I hear/see/sense a being who comes forward to work with me. So usually the readings I do here aren’t planned out, I just let whoever wants to come forth speak and I deliver what they have to say.

For me when I hear spirits speak it’s in my head and it’s sometimes the same as my own voice, and other times it’s not and they have their own distinct voices. Don’t be discouraged if you’re just hearing yourself talk, that’s normal. But I do find that I can sense a difference with the energy of the voice even if it sounds similar to my own, and there’s a difference in tone as well. So Kaine sounds similar to my own voice, but his energy is different than mine and his voice does sound more masculine to me. Whereas my Elf Mother sounds like a different female voice. Abraham Hicks sounds like Esther Hicks, and Bashar sounds like Darryl Anka – the people who channel them.

When I go to doing the posts here I just simply ask the being any questions I have for them. Like What would you like to talk about today? And then I just type. I don’t think, I just write what comes into my mind and allow what they say to flow through me. If I find a particular part doesn’t sound right or needs clarification I go back and just ask them to rephrase it or explain in another way for me so that I can express what they want to say. You may find while doing readings that they express the same idea 5 different times trying to find a way for the person to understand what they would like to say. So just trust what comes to you, and if you need an extra nudge, then just ask them and they’ll guide you.

When it comes to doing tarot or oracle card readings I follow a very similar process. I’ll at times see an image of a deck of cards that I own so I’ll know I’m being guided to use the cards to deliver a reading. Then I either follow a spread that they’re guiding me to use or I’ll ask them if they could show me another spread to use. Most of the spreads I currently use are ones that my guides have helped show me so that I can deliver the readings with them using more of my own intuition. I don’t usually use the books that come with the decks either now as I just simply ask my guides what they would like to say with each card. It’s difficult at first to let go of using the the book, but once you do you’re able to trust in yourself and your own abilities so much more!

But don’t forget that the way I experience this could be completely different to how you experience it. I’m only explaining how I experience things to help give you a better understanding. You could see images or feel different emotions. You could even smell things. Each person has their own way of experiencing these things so don’t hold yourself up to anyone else’s standards or compare yourself to what anyone else does. You’re experiencing things the way you are currently because it’s what works best for you. You’re unique so enjoy it! ❤

So that is the run down of what I do to prepare and deliver a reading, whether it’s a psychic reading or a tarot or oracle reading! If you have any questions just feel free to comment below!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


What is Channeling and How do you Channel?

Hey everyone!

Today’s messages are about Channeling! I posted on my facebook group the other day asking if anyone had any topics or questions that they’d like to see a post about on here, and so channeling was one of the topics! Which I’m really excited about honestly!

So as I’m preparing to do this reading on Channeling I can actually feel and see beings that I have worked with before all sitting and standing around me, ready to help me explain channeling to all of you. It’s an amazing feeling! I think they’ve been waiting excitedly to help with this reading for a good while now.

What is the state of being that is called “Channeling”?

Kaine:  It is a state of being where you can feel your excitement, you are just being in that constant flow of energy that is your state of being while you are excited. Let me explain further. It is the same concept of when you are “in the zone” doing something flawlessly, effortlessly, smoothly. When you are doing something that feels so natural to you that it all just flows so beautifully. Each and every one of you have found this state of being in your life, and sometimes you become caught on the fact that you are not there anymore. You wonder and feel as if you’ll never reach that point again because it is almost as if you must master a technique, or a skill to be able to be in the zone. But we are here to tell you to stop thinking this way! 

Bashar: When you think in such a way that you put yourself down, well, you’ll never reach that vibrational state like that! Remind yourself that you can do it, that you have done it before and therefore it is always there waiting for you again. 

Long story short, the state of being you call ‘channeling’ is just you when you are excited, enjoying your excitement and being who you truly are. It is letting go of all of those “um” “but” “I don’t know” “maybe I can’t” “am I doing this right?” Just relax and just be. It is simple, you really don’t need to complicate it as much as you do. Find what excites you, what brings you joy and then enjoy it! 

How does a person reach this state of being so that they may be able to channel as well?

Bashar:  Well we have already explained this concept to you already. You find what excites you and you follow it. You follow your own excitement as you ‘channel’ our messages, and everyone who reads this is aware of that excitement that you have. It leaves a sort of energetic footprint.

On a side note, could you explain a bit more about this idea of an “energetic footprint?”

Bashar:  It is the idea that when someone returns to something, such as reading a post you have written on your blog, they can feel the energy that was there,  that is there. They can feel the connection that you have made with your higher self, with us, and they can feel that through reading the messages that you share. Does that make sense?

Yes, thank you.

Bashar: You are very welcome. Now do you have further questions?

Yes. Is everyone able to channel?

Bashar:  As you already know, yes, every is able to channel. The reason why some people may feel as if they are incapable of channeling is because they have beliefs that are telling them that they are not good enough, that it is beyond their reach, that they are not special enough. None of these beliefs are true to who you are! Everyone can channel, you are all worthy of all the love you have in your life. If the idea of channeling truly does excite you – then go do it! Go channel! Sure it may take some practice, some time to get used to the idea that you can really do it, but how will you learn if you don’t even try? 

How do you know if you are channeling? What is that feeling like?

Kaine:  Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel calm and at peace? Do you feel like you could do anything you’d ever thought of or dreamed of? That nothing could ever ruin your wonderful mood? If so, then you are channeling.

Channeling does not need to mean that you are communicating with spiritual beings, it just means that you are connecting with your own higher self and being one with who you are. So that basketball player that was so ‘in the zone’ in that match you watched that he was able to make a play that no one had thought possible – he is channeling. What Katherine is doing right now is channeling, as she connects with her own self and with all of us to follow her greatest excitement – to help us deliver our messages to all of you. 

Thank you, all of you, and I hope you all enjoyed this reading! Thank you as well, Eric, for suggesting this topic. 🙂 It was a lot of fun! I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett