Story Time! How I Met my Spirit Guide, Kaine

Hey everyone!

Today I’d love to share with you the story of how I met my spirit guide, Kaine, and how you can connect with your own guides.

I’d like to give you all a bit of background information about myself before I begin my story. ☺ I grew up with a pretty supportive family, where some of my family members are open to the idea of psychics, mediums, and the spirit world. This has helped me a lot throughout my life growing up, especially when I began exploring Wicca when I was around 12 years old. But, if you had asked me back then whether I thought that I had any intuitive abilities I would have laughed and said no, not at all!

It wasn’t until I began university that I started to really explore meditation and my intuitive abilities. My spiritual exploration really began to expand once I met a friend of mine while I was at work one day. He was just another customer at work, but something about him and his friend stood out. I remember that I liked a flower on his jacket, which had somehow led us to the topic of healing, and he had mentioned that he is a Reiki Master. Now, I had been interested in Reiki for a long time, but had never really found a teacher, so this was an exciting moment for me! We exchanged numbers and since then I began attending the meditation classes he hosted. The Reiki training actually happened fairly later than I had expected it to haha but it came when the time was right. However, it was thanks to one of this friend’s meditation classes that I met one of my best friends and Spirit Guide, Kaine.

Now! Onto the story! 😁

The day had been like any other university day: I went to classes, ate, and later went out to enjoy a lovely guided meditation hosted by a friend of mine. There was a point during the meditation where I began to sink into it deeply, like never before. I soon realized that there was someone kneeling beside me…but I knew there wasn’t anyone physically there.

And yet I could see and feel this being kneeling, crouching down, beside me while my eyes were closed. I could tell he was whispering in my ear, trying to speak but I wasn’t able to hear what he said…And then…I saw his face. I instantly felt like crying out of happiness and joy. I felt this overwhelming sigh of relief. I had found this best friend that I had been searching for, looking for, waiting for, my whole life and there he was! ❤

His face has strong, defined features, with short black hair and blue eyes.

It was a beautiful moment, one that I will cherish always. ❤

Since that day I’ve learned a lot about Kaine and I’s connection, throughout this life and past ones. We’ve lived together and been a part of the Knights Templar, we were even trained to be spirit guides together, and he’s the brother of a dear friend and teacher of mine – but those are stories for another time!

I am sure there are some of who have the burning question of how do I meet my own guides?! Well, Kaine and I have written a post called Explaining Spirit Guides where we discuss what and who spirit guides are and how you can begin working with your guides. I would like to share a part of the post today, about how you can connect with your own guides, and you may hear your guides, and why it may sound like your own voice talking back to you.

How can people connect with their own spirit guides?

There are so many ways. An easy one is just asking us to help find you a parking spot. Sure enough one will show up. Just trying to do this in your day to day life will help you gain trust in the relationship you have with your guides. You can ask for a table to be freed up at a busy restaurant. Simple things like that.

One of the things that you can do that may help you all out in such a great way is to just ask to be sent love when you can’t see it. If a situation occurs and you can’t seem to cheer yourself up about it, that you can’t make it through the day without constantly feeling down, ask us to help you. Again we will choose the path of least resistance. So if you are unable to quiet your mind and try talking to us like that, we will just place people in your path that will show you  the love we all have for you. 

How do people usually hear their guides?

Well that’s a good question. Many people may feel discouraged because they don’t “hear” the voice of their guides when they ask them questions, only their own voice back in their heads. But try asking yourself if the answer you received was one that you would normally think of as a possible solution to your question? And more importantly, is this answer one that is of love and support? Any response we would give you would never be one that would say to put down someone else for hurting you, we would ask you to let go and forgive them, see that they are just doing their best in their own way. And we would never put you down either because we love you, every little and big part of you, and we want you to see that love for yourself as well.

So please don’t be discouraged that you are only hearing your own voice talking back to you. Katherine and I have these conversations every once in a while as well. There are times where she will doubt these “conversations in her head” and usually I just ask her if she really thinks she’s made this up, and the answer is no, no she hasn’t. Something that she finds useful is just feeling energetically the voice that talks back, she can hear it as her voice but subtly it has a male voice or energy with it if it is me. Her elf mother on the other hand has a different voice than her own. So just try to feel if you can notice any subtle difference energetically between you and your guides.

Just ask yourself, if you heard someone talk back to you and it wasn’t your voice in your own head, wouldn’t that scare you and freak you out a little? Most likely. So that is also why you hear us in your own voice, so that you can more easily hear our messages rather than wonder why you’re hearing voices in your head that aren’t yours.

Are there any other things you would like to explain about spirit guides?

Of course. We are here always by your side, to help you, to guide you, to show you the love we see in you every single day of your life. We are your best friends, your confidants, your guides, and we can be your mentors to show you what you are all capable of doing. Every person has a spirit guide, well honestly, so many more than just one guide. You really do have a team of spirits working with you, cheering you on, keeping you company throughout every thing you do. 

So as silly as it may sound in your head asking for a parking spot when it’s busy out, or asking for a table when it’s supper time at a fancy restaurant, just take a leap of faith and try it. You’ll get used to it once you notice that we’re here to help you and we absolutely love helping you. We can’t do things for you, but we can help give you that nudge in the right direction or smooth things out for you if you’re having a rough time. So no, we won’t get upset if you ask us to help you with these little things, because we love it. We love just being apart of your lives and watching each of you learn and grow. ❤

There are many other ways that one can connect with their guides outside of traditional meditation. Listening to music, dancing, even cooking could be a way for you to connect with them. The main thing to remember, in my opinion, is to just have fun with it! If you ever feel discouraged, which is normal and happens to myself at times, just try to remember that the way you are receiving messages, insight, or information, is the way that is best for you in this present moment. And if you’re having difficult seeing or hearing messages from your guides try asking them to be a bit more clear and obvious. Trust me, they’ll do their best to make sure you don’t miss them!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this tale of mine, and I wish you all the best on your journey exploring your relationship with your own guides. It’s such an adventure!

Thank you all, as always, for your love and support. ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


Talking about Love: Messages from my Spirit Guide, Kaine

Hey everyone,

So for today’s reading my spirit guide, Kaine would like me to deliver some messages for all of you! ❤

What would you like to talk about today?

I would like to talk about love today. Ask yourself what does love mean to you? You experience so much love each day even though you may not realize it. There are times when the word ‘love’ seems to express too much and too little all at the same time. How can one word represent how you feel when you see a waterfall, or a butterfly, but also how you feel when you’re around loved ones? As some of you may joke, you fight and argue more with your family than you would consider the idea that you ‘love’ them and ‘get along.’ But as I have mentioned before, love is shown in many different ways, so when you do fight and argue with your loved ones it is in part due to how much you care about them and how much you care about each other. You try so hard for them to understand the way you see things because they are important to you. And so, we would argue that this time you spend fighting with your family and other loved ones is also you loving them and each other. However we would advice you to try to see things the way your higher self does and avoid these arguments as they are not as productive as being understanding and appreciative of one another.

But! back onto the word ‘love!’  So what we would ask of you who have a difficult time with the word love is to just let go of the definitions you have for it and just base the word love on how you feel. That feeling you get when you see something during your day that makes you happy. Like when some stranger smiles at you or gives you a compliment. Or when a loved one surprises you with dinner when you arrive home after a day at work. If you are able to let go of these definitions on what is love then you can begin letting go of the beliefs you hold on when you can and do feel love. You can let go of the fear that if you tell someone you love them that they will take it the wrong way or that it’s ‘too early’ in the relationship. And you can let go of the fear you have of expressing what you love to those around you. If you would like to tell people all about the mundane things that made you happy during your day then do so! Remind them to see the joy in the littler things as well in their own day!

Is there more that you would like to say about love?

Yes, thank you. One thing that can really change your life is noticing the things you do that you love about yourself. Begin making a list and writing the things you love about yourself. And it can be as simple as your laugh or your smile. Or about how you get all giddy about a certain topic or subject. Remember that as you love those around you in your life you also cannot forget to love yourself. When you write this list and something negative comes up, just recognize that the thought is there and let it go, remind yourself that you are taking this time to love yourself and continue on with your list. It could be that the things that you dislike about yourself are things that others absolutely love about you. So be gentle with yourself, please. Treat yourself as you would anyone else in your life – with love and respect. ❤

Is there anything more you would like to say?

Yes, as always, there is always more to say. During your day just try to focus on the things that happen that make you happy, that put a smile on your face. And if you would like to, try writing in a notebook all the things that happened during your day that made you happy, whether they were little everyday things or not. Focusing on the things that you love and the things that you are grateful for helps you see the positive in your life and raise your vibration. You will find that instead of being angry at someone for being in a rush while driving that you may instead begin considering the ideas that maybe they are late for work or someone they care about is in the hospital. This is because while you are in this state of higher vibration, seeing the good in life, focusing on the positive and what you love, that it is much more difficult to entertain thoughts that are more negative or lower in vibration such as anger and frustration.

But for now, simply focus on the things that make you happy during your day and what you love about yourself. Making small changes like this can and will change your life in bigger ways than you will expect. 

Thank you again, Katherine, for delivering my messages. I am truly excited and delighted to be able to watch all of you grow and experience new things each day. Love yourself as we love you.

An idea I had while delivering Kaine’s messages was that if you find doing two lists each day too much, you can always just alternate each day. Do a list of what you love about yourself one day, and the next day write a list on the things that made you happy. Either way this is exciting to me!

Thank you, all and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

How to Manifest what you want in your life

Hey everyone!

I figured that since today is New Year’s Eve that I’d post a reading about how to manifest what you want in your life. My spirit guide, Kaine, would like to speak about this to all of you.

Manifestation is the ability to understand what you desire, know what it is, and understanding that once you let go of your expectations about what you want and how you can possibly get what you want, you can allow the universe and your higher self to deliver what you desire to you in the way that best suits you. Allow me to explain further with an example.

You are looking for a job, your current one may not satisfy you, or maybe you aren’t currently employed at all. So you search and search and search for this new job that you just know that you’ll enjoy more than your current situation. You apply for jobs, you send out resumes and you go to each and every interview and you feel like you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. So why is it that you just can’t seem to land that new job that you know you’ll love so much? You are trying, and you are working, just as you have always been taught to do to obtain what you desire. But have you found peace in your current situation? Have you been able to see the bright side to having this free time by being unemployed or by seeing the sparkling gems that do exist in your currently unenjoyable job such as the coworkers you do like, or the customers that show you the kindness that exists in this world, or is it just as simple as enjoying the time alone to just think? 

The thing is when you desire something such as this new job you need to first be at peace with your current situation. Once that has happened you can allow the new energy of this new, better job to present itself. If you are always focused on the aspects of your current situation that you dislike, then you will be unable to allow a better situation to come your way. If you always focus on the negatives of your current situation then it does not matter what new job you get, you will find the same feelings of disappointment and disgruntlement as you did before.

So what we are asking you to do, to work on manifesting what you want in your life, is to first find peace in your present life, in the situations that are currently unfolding before you. Than take some time and just think about what you would truly like your life to be like and just feel that excitement. Think about the partner you would like, the job, or the house you would love to have. Where do you see yourself, but in the happiest way possible? If you see yourself happiest making beautiful necklaces and earrings, and the idea of being able to share these things with others truly excites you the most then we ask you to just embrace and enjoy that feeling. As you accept that excitement – that joy – into your life you are allowing yourself to manifest the desires you want. All you have to do is figure out what excites you, what makes you the happiest and then allow the universe and your higher self to deliver your desires to you.

Now this does not mean that what you desire will be delivered to your door if you just sit at home all day just enjoying this feeling of excitement.  You still need to go out and interact with other beings. But aligning yourself to your highest excitements is a wonderful habit to get into. 

Can you please give a quick run down again of how to manifest what you want in your life?

Of course, gladly. 

First: Take a moment to sit back and just calmly look at your current situation in life. What are the good parts of your life? Do not entertain the negative points, we don’t want that as it lowers your vibration and you can become too focused on the negative and not the bright side of things, which is our goal here. Realize that everything that is currently going on in your life has a reason, and that each thing has a bright side as to why it is going on right now.

Second: Now that you are making peace with the positive aspects of your life you can begin exploring what excites you. What is it that you would just love to have in your life? Is it a loving, nurturing relationship? Is it a career in an area that you are passionate about? Is it finding a creative way to express yourself? If you would like a loving, nurturing relationship then we ask that you just take 10 or 15 minutes each day, just sit there and think about what that would feel like for you, enjoy the excitement you feel from this. 

Third: Continue this idea of allowing yourself to be excited by the ideas of where you would like to be in your life. Embrace it. Let go of the expectations you hold of how events will fold out, how you’d be able to find this partner, or this career. The universe and your higher self will deliver what you’re excited about in the way that is best for you. 

Just try practicing this and you will find that you will have a more positive outlook on your life and the situations that arise. 

Is there anything more you would like to say about manifesting?

Yes. If you find it too difficult to take 15 minutes of your day to just sit in silence, then you can try something else. Try just writing down a list of all of the things you want in say a partner, or a career, etc. You can keep the paper if you would like, but we ask that you do not become focused on it, we want you to just simply tuck it away somewhere. Or, you may burn it, dispose of it in a way that feels best to you that represents letting go of your desires and giving them to the universe to look after. 

The idea is that if you are focused on what you want and trying very hard to obtain what you want, you are in turn blocking the new energy into your life. Once you let go of your expectations and your ideas of how things must be and must come into your life, then you allow the things you truly desire to manifest and present itself to you in the way that it’s meant to be.

Thank you, Kaine. Is there anything else that you would like to say?

You are very welcome. Thank you again, for allowing me to share my messages with everyone. It is always a pleasure working with you.

Just be happy and enjoy every moment in your life, each and every once of you. You are all connected in so many wonderful and brilliant ways that you do not see as possible right now. But one day you shall all see this connection you have with one another and that truly excites me.

I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve whether you’re out enjoying the company of others or just taking the night to relax at home and get a good nights rest! Thank you all, as usual! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

What is Channeling and How do you Channel?

Hey everyone!

Today’s messages are about Channeling! I posted on my facebook group the other day asking if anyone had any topics or questions that they’d like to see a post about on here, and so channeling was one of the topics! Which I’m really excited about honestly!

So as I’m preparing to do this reading on Channeling I can actually feel and see beings that I have worked with before all sitting and standing around me, ready to help me explain channeling to all of you. It’s an amazing feeling! I think they’ve been waiting excitedly to help with this reading for a good while now.

What is the state of being that is called “Channeling”?

Kaine:  It is a state of being where you can feel your excitement, you are just being in that constant flow of energy that is your state of being while you are excited. Let me explain further. It is the same concept of when you are “in the zone” doing something flawlessly, effortlessly, smoothly. When you are doing something that feels so natural to you that it all just flows so beautifully. Each and every one of you have found this state of being in your life, and sometimes you become caught on the fact that you are not there anymore. You wonder and feel as if you’ll never reach that point again because it is almost as if you must master a technique, or a skill to be able to be in the zone. But we are here to tell you to stop thinking this way! 

Bashar: When you think in such a way that you put yourself down, well, you’ll never reach that vibrational state like that! Remind yourself that you can do it, that you have done it before and therefore it is always there waiting for you again. 

Long story short, the state of being you call ‘channeling’ is just you when you are excited, enjoying your excitement and being who you truly are. It is letting go of all of those “um” “but” “I don’t know” “maybe I can’t” “am I doing this right?” Just relax and just be. It is simple, you really don’t need to complicate it as much as you do. Find what excites you, what brings you joy and then enjoy it! 

How does a person reach this state of being so that they may be able to channel as well?

Bashar:  Well we have already explained this concept to you already. You find what excites you and you follow it. You follow your own excitement as you ‘channel’ our messages, and everyone who reads this is aware of that excitement that you have. It leaves a sort of energetic footprint.

On a side note, could you explain a bit more about this idea of an “energetic footprint?”

Bashar:  It is the idea that when someone returns to something, such as reading a post you have written on your blog, they can feel the energy that was there,  that is there. They can feel the connection that you have made with your higher self, with us, and they can feel that through reading the messages that you share. Does that make sense?

Yes, thank you.

Bashar: You are very welcome. Now do you have further questions?

Yes. Is everyone able to channel?

Bashar:  As you already know, yes, every is able to channel. The reason why some people may feel as if they are incapable of channeling is because they have beliefs that are telling them that they are not good enough, that it is beyond their reach, that they are not special enough. None of these beliefs are true to who you are! Everyone can channel, you are all worthy of all the love you have in your life. If the idea of channeling truly does excite you – then go do it! Go channel! Sure it may take some practice, some time to get used to the idea that you can really do it, but how will you learn if you don’t even try? 

How do you know if you are channeling? What is that feeling like?

Kaine:  Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel calm and at peace? Do you feel like you could do anything you’d ever thought of or dreamed of? That nothing could ever ruin your wonderful mood? If so, then you are channeling.

Channeling does not need to mean that you are communicating with spiritual beings, it just means that you are connecting with your own higher self and being one with who you are. So that basketball player that was so ‘in the zone’ in that match you watched that he was able to make a play that no one had thought possible – he is channeling. What Katherine is doing right now is channeling, as she connects with her own self and with all of us to follow her greatest excitement – to help us deliver our messages to all of you. 

Thank you, all of you, and I hope you all enjoyed this reading! Thank you as well, Eric, for suggesting this topic. 🙂 It was a lot of fun! I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett