Hey everyone,

So this is a list of people, sites and books that I think would be great resources to put out there. Most of these are from my own personal experience and knowledge, things that have had an impact on my journey so far. ❤

People and Websites:

Katie IndiCrow and IndiCrow Energetics

My wonderful friend and teacher, Katie, has taught me much of what I know about gridwork and working with energy systems. Whether you’re an audio learner or one who prefers to read, she provides information both ways.

Out of the Broom Closet

A lovely friend of mine, Paula, creates gorgeous jewelry, accessories, etc. I actually won a pendulum from a contest she held on her Facebook page! She’s always out at events as well if you’re in Halifax or Dartmouth.

Tutti’s Instrumental Tools for the Soul

This is a beautiful store owned by a friend of mine, Tamara, where she sells books on spirituality, new age, and decks of oracle and tarot decks. I’ve purchased a couple of my decks from there, such as my Oracle of Mermaids deck and another, Sirian Starseed Tarot deck, for a friend of mine. She also sells gorgeous paintings, and organite pyramids and pendants – she made a beautiful pendant for a friend of mine which has the symbol for Essassani in it. She sells many other things as well, and has different readers at her shop! So if you’re every visiting Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, check her shop out!

The Center

I have the pleasure to say that I am friends with the owners of this beautiful place and have gotten to see it grow so much since it first opened. If you’re ever in the Halifax head on over! I’ll share a quote from their facebook page, explaining why they decided to create this space:

“The Center is a healing space; a hub of openness fostering community and collective growth through many vectors of spiritual and personal exploration, creative expression in all its forms, and the flourishing of the individual through the dynamic collaboration with others.

The hearts that conceived the Center have dreamt up this mission:

‘To provide a community space which fosters a holistic and creative approach of developing mind, body, and spirit.'”

It’s a wonderful place! It’s where this blog sort of started really, since it’s where I took an 8-week psychic development class. I’ve also hosted psychic discussion groups there and channeling sessions.

Here’s a list of some of the classes and workshops they have:

  • Reiki healing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychic and intuitive readings
  • Meditation seminars and group practices
  • Yoga instruction
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Community arts events and performances
  • Accessible audio production space
  • Specialized seminars

You can check out their Facebook page for their hours and current events here at The Center

Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts is a wonderful shop owned by a friend of mine, Erica. She holds many fun events at her shop, such as Healing Exchange, Oracle/Tarot Exchange, Sampler Sessions, and Mediumship, to name a few. I’ve purchased some of my favourite crystals from her shop, and some books I can’t wait to dive into. If you’re in Victoria, head on over to Langford and check out her gorgeous shop! ❤

  • You can check out their Facebook page for their hours and upcoming events here at Spirited Gifts
  • You can also check out their website here at Spiritedgifts.ca


Here are some channelers I enjoy watching on Youtube.

Darryl Anka channels, Bashar, an Essassani,

Rob Gauthier channels several entities such as Treb bor yit ne (or Treb for short), a friendly reptilian, Aridif, an Ancient Pleiadianand Metatron.

Esther and Jerry Hicks channel Abraham Hicks,

Lee Harris does Energy Forecasts for each month on his Youtube page. They’re a really great insight to what you may experience during the month.


Graham Hancock

He’s one of my favourite authors. I remember the first time I read Fingerprints of the Gods was all the way back in junior high. I highly recommend looking him up. If you would like a taste of what his books are all about you can look him up on Youtube, there are many videos uploaded about his talks on his books and future endeavors. I own at least 7 of his books, but I’ll only mention my two favourites.

  • Check out his website GrahamHancock.com
  • His Facebook page Graham Hancock
  • Or his Youtube channel Graham Hancock DotCom
  • Fingerprints of the Gods was the first book of his that I’ve read, which really opened me up to this idea of connection between all of us throughout the ages of civilizations.
  • Magician of the Gods is the “sequel” to Fingerprints where Graham Hancock has continued his research on the questions he asks in Fingerprints.

Doreen Virtue
I own a few of her books and one of her oracle card decks. If you’re interested in angels, she is the person to look up!

  • Daily Guidance from Your Angels is the oracle deck I own
  • Earth Angel Realms is a small book where you can take a quiz to find out which of the Earth Angel Realms you fit into and what each one is like.
  • You can also just take the quiz and find out for yourself that way, and google what you get.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

My grandma gave me this book one year, and I find it nice to reread every once in a while. He’s a very wonderful author and the book is one I’d put on a “To Read” list.

The Eagle and The Rose by Rosemary Altea

This is another book my grandma gave me as well, it’s a true story about Rosemary Altea and her connection to the spirit world, her guide, Grey Eagle, and her journey in life.

Out on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine

One of her many books about her journey in life and self discovery.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 & 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Volume 1, I have to admit, is a fascinating read! If you’re interested in ancient geometry and ancient civilizations then you should look into these two books! Melchizedek explains a meditation and breathing technique further in Volume 2.

Conversations with a Tree by Rashana

A beautiful book where Rashana writes about many of the conversations she’s had with two trees named Henrietta and George. They deliver messages to humanity from the tree spirits about how important it is to connect with nature. Rashana is from Nova Scotia as well! You can order her book at her website.

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