Hello everyone,

I am looking to further expand and share my abilities so I would now like to provide readings by email for those who are interested. I work with oracle, tarot cards, as well communicate with spiritual beings such as spirit guides, ancestors and angels. I am a psychic medium with intuitive abilities, and also have completed am 8 week psychic development course with a certificate of completion from The Center in Halifax, NS.


The reason I would like to provide readings for others is because I have always enjoyed receiving readings from various people throughout my life. Growing up I have always wanted to have those abilities myself, and now that I have grown my own psychic and intuitive abilities, I would really love to be able to provide this service for others. I believe that it is a wonderful way to be able to share love and healing to people who need it. In essence what I do during a reading is I ask to receive any messages of a loving and healing nature that will benefit the person the most in their present moment.

If you would like to request a reading email me at bloodmoonreadings@outlook.com

Price for a reading is by donation.

Donate with PayPal

I also have Gift Certificates available if you would like to purchase a reading for someone you love! Send me an email letting me know and I will send you a gift certificate that you can either print off or send to your loved one. The price is also by donation.

In the email I would ask that you please do not provide too much personal information as it can potentially influence the reading. If you have a specific question that you would like to receive insight about, or an aspect of your life, you can write in the email so that it may be the focus of the reading. If you do not have a question in mind that is fine as I can provide a reading without a focus. In that case you would receive messages that would best benefit you in your life presently in a healing and loving way.

Examples of some questions you could ask: 

  • How do I connect or communicate with my spirit guide?
  • How can I connect with my higher self/inner being?
  • How can I manifest what I desire into my life?

I’ll email you a reply back stating when I’ll be able to do your reading and once it’s completed I’ll email it to you.

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

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