Explaining Spirit Guides: messages from my Spirit Guide, Kaine

Hey everyone,

So today I wanted to ask my spirit guide Kaine to help me explain Spirit Guides, what they do, and how you can easily work with yours.

The idea came to me when I was at Chapters the other day shopping with my mom. I was at the “New Age” section and I had a fun experience with another customer there. A man was obviously searching through the three bookcases looking for something, and I had wanted to ask him if I could help him. But I thought, no, it’s okay, I’m sure he’ll find what he’s looking for. I had picked up a book about Golbekli Tepe and flipped through to see when it was printed and whether Graham Hancock was involved since his newest book is about Golbekli Tepe and it’s ancient origins. Sure enough it was. And the guy said to me “Oh! I was looking for that! It’s by Graham Hancock.” I handed it to him and replied that he’s one of my favourite authors. He said that he loves his books and checks out his facebook page every day.  Before he left he joked that he doesn’t really understand why they call it the “New Age” section since there’s nothing really ‘new’ with what is considered “New Age.”

Well! after he left I noticed that there was this book just standing upright in front of the shelves. I’m not sure how I hadn’t noticed it before. But I picked it up and flipped to a random page and started reading. It was about Spirit Guides, how to communicate them and what kinds of guides there are. So that inspired me to do today’s messages about spirit guides and work with my own guide to deliver these messages to all of you! ❤

Now that I’m done my little story, here’s Kaine’s messages about Spirit Guides!

What are spirit guides?

We are beings just like you, of light and love. However instead of reincarnating and living another life on say your physical plane we work with you in the spirit realm. This is a decision you and your guide agreed upon before you began your life, who you would work with. So for me, Katherine and I have known each other for a long, long time and because of this we both thought it would be most beneficial if we worked together as me as her guide. Since we were friends long before it removes that idea that we spirit guides are mentors that you can only speak to when you need help, that idea that you must be all prim and proper, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s when speaking to us. An easier way of explaining this is that we wanted to help spread the understanding that guides can be best friends, that you can have fun with them and just chat with them when you’re feeling a bit down so we can help lift you up again and cheer you up.

What do Spirit Guides do?

We help gently and subtly guide you in your life. As Katherine recently experienced we at times give you these little clues and hints to help you see the big picture. As she realized it’s essentially like a game of treasure hunt. And who doesn’t love playing a game of treasure hunt?

Can you give an example of a “hint” or “clue” a guide may give?

But of course, gladly. For example you may be wondering what to do about your job, that it may not be satisfying you in the way you would like it to. As if the puzzle piece you have just won’t fit no matter what you try. But of course, trying to force it into a place it doesn’t fit just won’t work. You may be looking at your current job in the wrong way. So what we would  try to do is guide you to look at it the way we do. So this is allowing you move that puzzle piece in a way that it will fit, just turning it a little and when there’s no more resistance it’ll fit the way you’d like it to. To help show you this we may work with other people’s guides and together place these people in your path so that they can help show you that insight. If you meditate or just have a conversation in your mind, we can help give that insight that way as well. We always choose the path of least resistance. 

How can people connect with their own spirit guides?

There are so many ways. An easy one is just asking us to help find you a parking spot. Sure enough one will show up. Just trying to do this in your day to day life will help you gain trust in the relationship you have with your guides. You can ask for a table to be freed up at a busy restaurant. Simple things like that.

One of the things that you can do that may help you all out in such a great way is to just ask to be sent love when you can’t see it. If a situation occurs and you can’t seem to cheer yourself up about it, that you can’t make it through the day without constantly feeling down, ask us to help you. Again we will choose the path of least resistance. So if you are unable to quiet your mind and try talking to us like that, we will just place people in your path that will show you  the love we all have for you. 

How do people usually hear their guides?

Well that’s a good question. Many people may feel discouraged because they don’t “hear” the voice of their guides when they ask them questions, only their own voice back in their heads. But try asking yourself if the answer you received was one that you would normally think of as a possible solution to your question? And more importantly, is this answer one that is of love and support? Any response we would give you would never be one that would say to put down someone else for hurting you, we would ask you to let go and forgive them, see that they are just doing their best in their own way. And we would never put you down either because we love you, every little and big part of you, and we want you to see that love for yourself as well.

So please don’t be discouraged that you are only hearing your own voice talking back to you. Katherine and I have these conversations every once in a while as well. There are times where she will doubt these “conversations in her head” and usually I just ask her if she really thinks she’s made this up, and the answer is no, no she hasn’t. Something that she finds useful is just feeling energetically the voice that talks back, she can hear it as her voice but subtly it has a male voice or energy with it if it is me. Her elf mother on the other hand has a different voice than her own. So just try to feel if you can notice any subtle difference energetically between you and your guides.

Just ask yourself, if you heard someone talk back to you and it wasn’t your voice in your own head, wouldn’t that scare you and freak you out a little? Most likely. So that is also why you hear us in your own voice, so that you can more easily hear our messages rather than wonder why you’re hearing voices in your head that aren’t yours.

Are there any other things you would like to explain about spirit guides?

Of course. We are here always by your side, to help you, to guide you, to show you the love we see in you every single day of your life. We are your best friends, your confidants, your guides, and we can be your mentors to show you what you are all capable of doing. Every person has a spirit guide, well honestly, so many more than just one guide. You really do have a team of spirits working with you, cheering you on, keeping you company throughout every thing you do. 

So as silly as it may sound in your head asking for a parking spot when it’s busy out, or asking for a table when it’s supper time at a fancy restaurant, just take a leap of faith and try it. You’ll get used to it once you notice that we’re here to help you and we absolutely love helping you. We can’t do things for you, but we can help give you that nudge in the right direction or smooth things out for you if you’re having a rough time. So no, we won’t get upset if you ask us to help you with these little things, because we love it. We love just being apart of your lives and watching each of you learn and grow. ❤

I really would like to say that I love delivering these messages for all of you! I love being able to work with all of these different beings and just give them a voice so they can be heard a little bit better. Working with Kaine today just reminds me of how much fun it is to work with beings!

Plus, as some of you may notice, Kaine’s left some “hints” in his messages today for everyone. I started laughing once I realized it because man, he enjoys adding extra layers for people. Sometimes I think he enjoys giving me, and everyone else, hints and clues about as much as I enjoy receiving them and trying to put it all together!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


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