Dreams and How to Be in Your Vortex: Messages from Abraham Hicks

Hey everyone,

Today’s messages are from Abraham Hicks, where he explains how dreams are a useful tool for all of us. He also explains about being in your vortex and how you can easily be in alignment and in your vortex.

I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Hi Abraham, what would you like to talk about today?

Hello, Katherine, and everyone else. It is a pleasure to be able to speak with all of you. Today I would like to speak about dreams. Dreams are wonderful and beautiful tool and you can learn a lot from them. They are a way for you to connect with your higher self, to all of us, but also with your vortex.

Could you explain what you mean by vortex?

Of course. Your vortex is everything you, everything about you, your highest desires and excitements. When you are in your vortex you feel all the love and gratitude you have ever experienced in your life and even more so. You are in your vortex when you are in alignment. Being in alignment is the same to being in your vortex as you are connecting yourself with your higher self and embracing the things that excite you the most. The idea with being in your vortex is to understand that all you have to do in your life is to follow what you love and what excites you, and that your higher self knows exactly what you want and desire. So you allow your higher self and the universe to direct you to your desires. Being in alignment is exactly the same. You may find, for example, that when you begin following your excitement, such as learning yoga, you realize that you would one day love to teach it. Then after going to some yoga classes that an opportunity may arrive where you are offered a job to teach yoga. 

How does one work on being in their vortex?

Simple, take some time and just feel. Meditate while just thinking, imagining, and feeling, what it would be like to have the job you’ve dreamed of, or having a partner, or the friends you’d love to have. Just imagine all the ways it excites you and makes you so incredibly happy and embrace that feeling. When you take time out of your day to do this, you are aligning yourself and you are allowing the energy to flow. You are accepting that you, just as everyone else, are worthy of all the love and happiness you have in your life. 

You can also think about all of the things you enjoy in your life. The friends you have, the connections you’ve made with people in your life, your job, what you love about yourself, and the things you’ve learned. Focusing on the positive things in your life and what you are grateful for is another wonderful way to align yourself with your higher self and your vortex. You begin to realize that you are on the right path and that if you would like to change anything in your life you are more than capable of doing so. First find peace with your current situation, then begin imagining all of the exciting ways the situation could be better, how it could be at it’s best. You will find that once you have begun this imagining and feeling what excites you the most, once you set an intention in a manner about what you would love to have, that the universe will be able to deliver to you what you desire the most. However you must also be at peace with your current situation, accept and begin to love the job you have or the time you have to your own self if you are looking for a partner. 

Thank you for explaining all of that, Abraham. What more would you like to say about dreams?

So as I was saying before, dreams are a wonderful tool for you to use. They are a way to connect with your higher self, us, and to your vortex. You can ask for advice and we can work with you to help you with a situation you are having. For example, if you feel that you are having a difficult time understanding a friend or a colleague and you would like some more insight on it, you can just ask for our help and guidance before you go to sleep. You may find that you will have a dream explaining how to go about it or you may wake up with the idea in your mind.

You are also able to help others while you sleep. This is called dream work. Where you visit people in their dreams to help give them the guidance and advice they need about a question in their own life.

Dreams are also able to show you what old energies you are releasing and letting go of. For example, if you find that you are having a difficult time letting go of say a past relationship with another person then you may find that one night you have a dream about all of you being happy together and celebrating. This is a way that your dreams are showing you that you are doing a wonderful job and you are able to let go now of the fear and the pain you associated with the break up. 

They can also help prepare you for things you have yet to experience. It may be subtle or very obvious. Maybe there is a aspect of your life that you have been unsure of what to do about and you fear the worst outcome. You will find that you’ll have dreams about that ‘worst outcome’ as you prepare yourself to be able to let go. It is highly possible that this worst outcome is actually the best outcome for you, as letting go allows for new energy to come into your life.

Thank you. Is there anything more you would like to say?

Yes, thank you. Letting go of things in your life may be scary, and it may hurt to imagine having to let go and lose something in your life that means a lot to you. But letting go of these things allows for the new desires that you have been creating all this time to enter into your life. New opportunities, new connections, they are all there, you just need to let go of the fear you have connected to letting go.  A way to do this is to connect with your higher self and your vortex. As you are experiencing these great feelings of happiness, excitement and gratitude, you are unable to experience these other feelings of anger and fear as they are vibrating at a lower vibration than you are currently. 

Work on being in your vortex and being in alignment. But love yourself as well when you are out of alignment because this means that you already know how easy it is to be in alignment. That feeling you get when you think of what makes you happy, what you are grateful are, that is how easy it is to be back into alignment. It does not need to be as complicated as you believe it to be. Just let go of the idea that everything needs to be complex to work. Things are able to be just as simple as thinking about what excites you and makes you happy, and that by embracing that feeling you are in alignment. 

Just try working on that as you go through your day. Every time you feel frustrated at something or someone, or you feel angry, sad, or upset, just try to say to yourself that you understand that this is bothering you. Then just focus on the positive that is currently in your life. Your frustration, feelings of sadness, and upset, is a way that you are telling yourself that you are out of alignment and that your higher self would like you to look at the positive, the love that is there. Then try taking a more understand, appreciative and loving view of the situation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Abraham Hicks you can check out his website here! You can also look him up on Youtube 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed the reading. Thank you all for your support and love! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett