Connecting with Neptune – What to Expect in 2018

Hey everyone,

I’m back! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy year for me! The road trip back across Canada was lovely and I’ll share a bit about it in a future post 🙂 In the meantime I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

For now though I’ll keep it short as I would like to share some messages from the planet Neptune with all of you.

What is your purpose? What is the main message you would like humanity to know?

My purpose is to help direct you to the truth that exists within you. Seek for your answers within. Connect with your higher self and build upon your relationship with yourself. This is how you will attract the love you want into your life – by loving yourself first. Be gentle with yourself as you are with a young child who knows not how the world around them expects them to be. Remember that there was once a time where you too were not aware of society’s expectations. Honour this inner child and innocence. Let the healing begin by showing love to your inner child. Play with it and let yourself be open to feeling what comes to you.

How can I connect with you and work with you?

Well, you are connecting to me right now, are you not, Dear One? All you need to do to connect with me is to simply think of me and I shall be there as I am here right now. To work with me I only ask that you come from the heart and of the highest vibration – of unconditional love.

If you feel called to do so, light a candle for me, as you call upon my guidance. A dark blue candle if you can, will do. If you are out of luck and without a candle, blue or not, then you can also place water in its place.

Do you work with certain parts of the lunar cycle?

I do, when you are planning on manifesting anything new call upon me during your lunar ritual. Ask me to assist you in the Astrals before you drift off to sleep and I will visit you in your dreams.

What messages to you have for me?

Ah I have many messages for you, Dear One, but for today we shall pick just one. Expression – be it through written, oral, or any other form of communication it is important for your creative freedom. Breathe and be at peace. Then find your center. Set your intention. Then begin your task. When you feel satisfied with a job well done (and we will be there to remind you when you have done more than enough, Dear One) then you may share what you will with the world. Later reflect upon what you have experienced so that you may learn and grow from it.

Continue to express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your opinions. Your desires, ambitions and goals are worth writing down as well, Dear One. Write them down and then watch them manifest before your very eyes. As we have mentioned before, now is the time to begin bringing forth what you desire into your life. Create and be free to express yourself for who you truly are.

Do you have any messages for humanity for the upcoming New Year?

This year will bring much change for humanity as a collective. It is time to finally step up and honour who you are and your connection to ALL THAT IS. Many of you will begin living a more sustainable and independent life this year. For many this is just in the beginning of it’s fruition, in it’s planning stages. But planning is half the fun! But do understand, Dear Ones, that as much as you expect things to go as planned, they will most likely not, and that is because your higher self knows best. Do not feel discouraged, Dear Ones, as we say this with much love. The unexpected will bring great opportunity for growth and positive changes. It will open the door to new paths for you to travel. This coming year will be one that will build the foundation of what is to be in the future. Remember to practice visualizing and feeling what you want to manifest into your life. 🙂 ❤

Much love and light, Dear Ones.

Thank you all, as always, for your love and support! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


Honouring and Respecting Yourself: Messages from Isadora a Purple Dragon

Hey everyone,

Today’s messages are from another dragon friend of mine. She’s a beautiful purple dragon. ❤ I hope you all enjoy the reading!

Hi, my friend, I was wondering if you could explain who you are to everyone?

Hello, Katherine, and to everyone else. I am Isadora, the partner to the red dragon Katherine is also friends with. It is a pleasure to be able to work with all of you today. 

What would you like to talk about today?

I would like to talk about how to honour yourself and be true to who you are. This is the idea that when someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy that you figure out why it makes you feel that way. You decide after that if you should continue on with this situation or trust in yourself and how you feel and pass. There is nothing wrong with saying no at times. People will not like you less because you choose to say no to a night out and decide to stay in on your own or with a partner. As a friend of Katherine’s has once said – “Don’t say yes unless you know you can say no” and this applies to anything you do in your life. If someone asks you for a favour or to do something and it doesn’t excite you to do it, if you would rather do something else, then do your best to let go of feeling bad if you choose to say no. 

Do the things that make you happy. And if you choose to help someone out when you are not feeling 100% up to it, then that is okay. Maybe the day will unfold into something unexpectedly wonderful by choosing to say yes. 

We ask that you take a moment to look into why you feel uncomfortable or uneasy about a situation because we want you to learn more about yourself. By learning more about what makes you happy, and what your are not keen on, you will be able to be true to yourself even more so afterwards. You learn to love even more of yourself as you recognize what you enjoy doing and what you prefer to let go of and pass on doing. You can appreciate why you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Could you give us an example?

Yes of course, my friend. Let us say that you were invited to a grand party, that it was supposed to be the best party of the year – or so your friends are telling you as they invite you to join them. What if on that night you would much rather enjoy a relaxing night in because you feel uncomfortable around that many people? What if you feel anxiety or worry or stress about the idea of having to socialize and communicate with all of these party-goers? Every part of you is saying ‘No, I don’t want to go,’ but you feel as if you have made a commitment to your friends because you have said yes already. Or maybe you haven’t said yes but you still feel bad about the idea of saying no because you worry that you will let them down.

What do we want you to do in situations like this? We ask that you take a moment and let go of the worries, the stresses, and the fears you have associated with saying no, just for 5 minutes to start with. We understand that it can be difficult to stop worrying at times. Once you just let go of those more negative feelings just ask yourself – What excites you more? Going out to this party because you want to go? Or staying home? If you answer to yourself that you would rather stay home then we ask that you try and honour yourself and how you feel. We ask that you try and just tell your friends that as much as they were all looking forward to going together, and as much as you were looking forward to it at the beforehand, that right now you feel as if you would rather just have a relaxing night it. 

Now, they will not leave you, they will not think less of you for respecting yourself. Sure, they may tease you and ask you if you’re sure, but they mean well. They just worry that you’ll miss out on the fun if you do not go. But your fun is in relation to what you find exciting to do. It is not related to what others feel and decide would be fun for you. They are not you. You are the only you you will ever be. 

Thank you for that example. Is there anything more you would like to talk about today?

Yes, there is, thank you for asking. 

When we ask that you explore why things make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy we do not wish for you to get stuck and focused on the negative. Go easy on yourself and be gentle. We are only asking that you explore why you feel this way so you can better understand your own self. We would prefer it if you focused on what does excite you and what does make you happy and you love doing.

What we would like you to do while working on understanding yourself is this: Say, for example, you go to a club with some friends, you were sort of curious about going and it seemed like it could be fun to go out. But you find out that you dislike the noise, or you dislike the crowds, or that you dislike the dancing. You decide, well, this isn’t for me. And that is okay. We don’t want you to focus on the things you didn’t like about the club, we just want you to understand that you followed something that seemed like it could be fun and it turned out to be not very enjoyable for you, which is perfectly okay. And so now you understand that maybe going on clubs is not something that excites you. So we ask that you take this new understanding and then begin exploring what does excite you.  If you did not enjoy the loud noise for example, maybe the idea of going to a quiet pub with some friends is more exciting to you?

Take the pleasant aspects of the situation and expand upon them. Ask yourself – Well, what would make this even more enjoyable and even more fun to me? 

Thank you, Katherine, for delivering these messages for me.

Thank you, each of you, for your constant love and support! I hope you all have a wonderful day, even and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

A Reading on What to Expect in 2016!

Hey everyone,

I hope you all have had wonderful New Years Eve and have had an excellent start to 2016! I decided to do a What to Expect in 2016 reading for all of you. My Elf Mother helped me today with the reading.

Also, I recently bought a lovely box for my Shadowscape Tarot Deck and some cloth to wrap it in. So I may be excited to show it off.

What to expect in 2016 – Month by Month.

Deck: Shadowscape Tarot


January: Five of Cups


What we want to say here is that this month of yours will be full of abundance. As you follow your own unique path, following what you love and what excites you, you will find the things that you desire coming into your life during this month. We are always around you, but you will begin to notice us around you even more during this month as we help give you the guidance you seek and ask for. The energy is flowing smoothly this month.

February: XV The Devil


You may find that there are some obstacles and struggles ahead for you during this month. You may feel as if things are out of reach and unobtainable. But remember that you can choose to see the good just as much as the bad in your life. You can decide to be happy and to begin focusing on the positive in your life. You are the creator of your life and so you can change the way you interpret the things are happening in your life. You may feel as if you are trapped in your current job, that an authority figure holds some sort of power over you and so you continue this job because you need it to survive. What we want you to know is that you have the power to change that. You can begin to see the positive in your job, or whatever aspect of your life you feel this way about. And so once you begin to see only the good, the things that bothered you before will begin to fall away and you will realize that everything that you had previously felt were out of reach are right there waiting for you take hold of them.

March: Four of Wands


All of that hard work you did in the previous month will pay off. You will find that through your struggles, obstacles, and lessons that you learnt in February, March will arrive to you with celebration. As the snow leaves and the plants begin to grow again you will begin to connect more with nature, with the plants and the animals. You will feel more sure of yourself, more balanced and at peace with yourself. You will understand and know what you want in your life and you will feel as if you can go for it. This is month to celebrate how far you’ve come so a far in your life.

April: V The Hierophant


What we want to say here is that April is a month where you may find you’ll need some more space to be on your own. You will require some quiet time to think and just be. Time to reconnect with your own self and with the connection that is within all of us. You will also find that you are connecting more with nature, where you may even find that a quiet walk in the woods is preferred over the company of friends. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way, this is a time meant to respect yourself and the connection you have with your own self as well. The most important relationship you have in your life is your relationship with your own self.

May: Seven of Pentacles


This is another month that is about honouring and respecting your own uniqueness. You may find you will make a new friend this month, this person may seem harsh to you or a little rough around the edges but there is a lot of wisdom with this person. You can learn a lot from them if you just honour them and allow them to be themselves and you allow yourself to be who you are. This is also a time of abundance, where you will find that the things that you desire are all around you, easily obtainable.

June: XIV Temperance


This month is about being able to see the balance in the world you live in, but also being able to see that balance within yourself. You need to be able to see and accept all parts of yourself, understand that they are there for a reason, for you to learn and love even more in your life. Again, our goal is to help you love yourselves the way we love you unconditionally. And so this month is about taking some time to work on loving every little bit of yourself, every part that you feel you don’t want, we ask that you just try loving it. Once you begin to see the balance of the world around you, and in yourself, you will then also begin to see the balance with everyone else. Those negative emotions you dislike so much are there for you to learn from. Learn to love yourself and others even with those emotions. Love unconditionally.

July: King of Wands


This is a fun month. You will find you are standing strong and are able to understand the connection you have with all the other beings in existence. You will find that you are beginning to comprehend the idea that you are the creator of your own universe. And with this understanding you will find that you are able to easily and effortlessly manifest what you desire in your life. You have found your center, your balance, and you understand what you want in your life.  You will find that there is a synchronicity in your life, that you are on the right track and you should just continue doing what you are doing presently.

August: 0 The Fool


This is a time for you to take leaps and bounds. Follow your intuition, your guidance, our guidance and follow what excites you. Take that leap you so desire to take and you will find that you will not fall to the bottom of the cliff but fly – we will help you remember to fly again. And so what this month represents for you is a time to take chances and to follow your intuition as following your higher self is what we want to to continue doing. If standing on that cliff is exciting enough for you then just stand there and embrace the excitement you get from it. This month is about learning something new, something exciting about your own self.

September: XXI The World


September is a month where you will feel as if you understand your own place in the world. You will feel a sense of harmony and connection during this month. As you gaze upon the moon above you and understand how large the world is, you also gaze upon the world you have created for yourself in your own hands. If there is a change you would like to make in your life to even further follow your excitement, then this month would be a good time to do it. As you align yourself with your higher self and understand your own beautiful place in the world you can create an even better place for yourself.

October: Seven of Wands


October is a month where you will feel as if you have to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. You may feel as if you are constantly defending yourself and those you care about, whether it is your actions, your beliefs or what you say. In this time of trying to stay true to your own self we ask that you please try to remember that each person in this universe is just trying their best. Try to take a gentler approach to it. Just remember what is truly important to you during this time and maintain a focus on the positive.

November: Ten of Pentacles


This month is about reconnecting with yourself and those close to you – to your friends and your family. There is great wisdom to be learnt by spending time together this month with those you care about. You can learn much about your own self as others during this time. Just relax and enjoy other’s company, and if you need space always respect that and give yourself the time you need to yourself. But also respect that towards others as well. Understand that if someone does not wish to spend time with you that it is not a statement against or towards you, they are just doing the same as you, they are respecting their own self and how they feel. They may feel as if they require a night in to relax, just the same as you.

December: III The Empress


December will be a wonderful month. You will be able to let go of your worries and your stresses so that you may welcome the energy of the new year to come into your life. It will be a time to look back and see all the good you have done in your life, and how you have been able to positively effect so many people you have encountered in your life. And as you realize this connection you have made with so many souls, you are able to spread so much more love and light with everything you do. See the connections that you have made and know that there are so many more connections yet to be made.


So I hope you’ve all enjoyed the reading for today! This one I will admit took a bit of time, but it was a lot fun! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and that it’s better than you could even imagine! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

Happiness and Healthy Boundaries: Messages from my Spirit Guide, Kaine

Hey everyone,

Today’s messages are from my Spirit Guide, Kaine. There are some things he’d really like to share with all of you. ❤

What would you like to talk about today?

Happiness. Imagine your happiness like a flower growing and blooming beautifully for all to see. It is yours and yours alone, you look after that flower, you nurture it, you water it, you make sure it receives all the sunlight it needs to grow. There are times where others come along your path and they may gift you with say nutrients to help your flower grow, or a post for it to lean upon and to gain strength from. This flower is like your happiness. You nurture your own happiness yourself by following what you enjoy, what makes you happy and what excites you. And there are other people who come along and they cheer you up even more by saying something or doing something. You both go on an adventure together to find your own happiness and build upon it.

The reason why I am stressing that it is YOUR happiness and yours alone is because you can feel at times that another person’s happiness is also yours to look after. Feeling this way can cause you to lose touch with your own self and your own happiness as you continue to put others before you. You may stay much later than you would prefer at an event just because you worry that if you leave your friends will be disappointed, feel sad, and may even leave early as well because you left. But, as you may have experienced already, your friends appreciate your concern for their happiness, truly they do, but they want you to do what makes you happy. If they knew that you stayed to keep them company, to make sure they were still enjoying themselves but you gave up your own happiness to do that, they would feel upset because they want the same for you as you want for them – to be happy with whatever you do in your life! 

So when a situation like this occurs, where you choose to let go of your own happiness in the fear that if you follow what excites you that it will ruin someone else’s happiness, please try to remember that it is okay to follow what makes you happy. If you would rather just have that quiet night in instead of going out to that bar, then just say so to those you care about, and you’ll notice that they’ll be happy for you because you are doing what you want to do, what will make you happy.

And so, another topic I would like to discuss along with happiness is this business of setting up boundaries. Now, you all have boundaries up, some paper thin walls, whereas some are thick walls made out of concrete. Some boundaries are good, they are necessary. You need to honour yourself and how you feel. If you do not feel comfortable with a certain idea or situation that is presented to you, then you have every right to admit that and respect your feelings and yourself. You can say no. As a friend of Katherine’s has once said, “Don’t say yes unless you know you can say no.” 

Please let go of that fear that people will leave you if you begin to trust yourself and say no to things that make you feel uncomfortable. They will love you just the same, if not even more because you are showing them that you still want them in your life, but that you also need to respect your own self and what you feel comfortable with. If you do not want a friend coming over and spending the night at your place, without giving you any notice beforehand, then just gently say so to them next time. Explain to them in a gentle manner that you need your own space and that they are more than welcome to spend some time with you, however if they want to spend the night that you will require more notice in the future. 

These are healthy boundaries that you may set up. These are ways for you to respect yourself and to follow your happiness. 

This is what I would like to say today. Thank you, each and every one of you for trusting in your own self and following your own happiness in every single thing you do during your days and during your life. It is a pleasure as always to work with all of you and to help guide you to your own true selves. 

I hope you all enjoyed the reading today! It’s an honour to be able to pass these messages on to all of you. Thank you all for your constant support and love! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett