Reconnect with animals: Messages from Unicorns

Hey everyone,

Today’s messages are from unicorns. I’ve wanted to actually share some messages from them for a little while now but I wanted to wait until it was the right moment.

I first really connected with unicorns when I went to the Old Grown Forest in Kentville, the Ravine Park. I had thought I had seen a horse while I was there out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked over there wasn’t anything there but a tree trunk that had fallen over, possibly due to wind, with its roots all up in the air. I had take a minute to just meditate and asked about it, and what I had seen was a unicorn.

So I’m grateful to be able to finally share some of their messages with all of you. ❤

What would you like to say to everyone?

We are beings of light and love just as you are too. Our coats are white so as to remind you of the light and love we spread to others. We are usually shy because we do not want to be hunted. But we have messages that we would like to share with all of you.

Just as we are beings of light and love, so are you too, as we have expressed just before. We want to remind you how to connect with nature again and to commune with them. You see the intelligence of animals in their eyes, in their actions, in the love and in the compassion they show for every other being they come in contact with. Of course there is always the law of survival, that we must eat to survive, but that does not mean that animals regret or live in constant fear that they will be eaten by another animal. Animals live in the present moment, loving the lives they live. An easy example of this is how happy a dog is all the time. If you try connecting more with animals then you can help remind yourself to be happy in your present moments.

Why do unicorns have horns?

We have horns because we were made that way. Lemurians were able to manipulate DNA and helped create us with horns. But we existed long before this point. Our horns are just another representation of the light and love that we share with others. We are gentle beings. 

Do you have any other messages for everyone?

Just try to take time out of your day to spend some moments with an animal. It can be a pet of yours or a friend’s pet, or the animals outside of your home. You can just let go of all of the things that you’re wrapped up in during your day and just breathe easier and calmer. So set aside some time where you’re not in a rush to do anything afterwards and just simply enjoy the time you spend with animals. It is a wonderful way to center and balance yourself again.

Just live your life to the happiest and fullest that you can. Enjoy yourself with every thing that you do.

Thank you all for your support and love. I hope that each of you have a wonderful day, evening and night!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett