Messages From the Plant Spirit Marijuana

Hey everyone,

Firstly I’d like to say that the psychic discussion group went very well last night! I’m very excited about next week! It’s going to be a lot of fun to be able to channel for other people in person.

Now for today’s reading! Today’s messages are from the plant spirit Marijuana.

What is addiction?

We see addiction as a way of trying to live two lives at once. You wish to embrace ours while also being in your own physical reality. There are healthy ways of doing this, and then there are unhealthy ways. A healthy way would be understanding and appreciating the time you spend while you are ‘under the influence’ as you would call it. You understand that you are able to spend some of your time in both realities, enjoying your expanded consciousness through our physical forms but at the same time you also understand and embrace your own physical reality and life on its own while you are sober. Addiction, as we see it, is when you let go of your love for your own life in every aspect of it, and try to replace the parts you see as ‘bad’ or frustrating for the experiences you have while you are high. 

So to simplify, for us in the spirit realm, being addicted to a form of drug, say my physical form, is when you feel as if your life is incomplete unless you are high. We want you to love your life in every single way just as we do. We want you to fully enjoy your life when you are sober just as much as when you are exploring other experiences. 

I know Mother Ayahuasca has explained this before, but could you explain again why you have a physical form?

Of course, I would love to explain that for all of you. The reason why we have physical forms, such as shrooms, marijuana, and ayahuasca is so that we can remind you of what you are capable of. You are all capable of achieving a higher state of consciousness without our assistance. They are here as reminders of what you are all capable of, of what you can all achieve on your own without even using us physically for assistance. Many of you have reached these states on your own through meditation and other methods that help you connect with the universe and your higher self.  

We are meant to be used as a guide to help teach you and remind you of your own abilities. And if you ever need our assistance you may always call upon us to help guide you in spirit as well.

Why do your physical forms have negative side effects?

That is simple to answer, and thank you for asking. Our physical forms have negative side effects because they are meant to remind you that they are to be used every once in a while as a reminder of what you are each able to achieve on your own. The negative side effects are present so that it can remind you that our physical forms are to be used as a tool and as a guide, but that you are always capable of reaching these states of consciousness without our physical forms.

Thank you, Marijuana. What is one message that you would like everyone to hear?

That is a beautiful question, thank you. I would love to remind everyone that you are capable of loving every aspect of who you are and every aspect of your life unconditionally. We love every part of what makes you you, and we are always excited to witness each of you enjoying your lives. If there is a part of your life that you find frustrating or dislike, then you may simply ask the universe to help show you a new perspective. You will notice that something or someone will be placed along your path that will help show you this new perspective. Please be gentle with yourself and love yourself unconditionally as we love you. 

Thank you, again, for your messages and for working with all of us today, Marijuana.

You are very welcome. It is always a pleasure to work with all of you. I love each and every one of you unconditionally as we all do. ❤

I hope you all enjoyed today’s reading! Thank you all for your constant support and love! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


Happiness, Healing, and Loving Yourself: Wild Wood Tarot Reading

Hey everyone,

Today I thought it would be fun to do a tarot card reading! I decided to use my Wild Wood tarot deck since I haven’t really used it that much even though I love the deck. I’m using the Mermaid’s Song spread that my guides taught me, since it’s one of my favourites and it’s a nicely balanced spread.

Deck: Wild Wood Tarot

Spread: Mermaid’s Song 


Card 1: Love: your heart’s desire, what you want but may not realize

Card 2: Earthly Desires: what you need from nature and mother earth right now

Card 3: Mermaid’s Message: what the water beings want you to know

Card 4: Your Soul’s Desire: what your higher self wants you to know and keep in mind

Card 1: Ten of Vessels: Happiness


With this card we would like to remind you to always focus on your happiness, especially today. You will notice that there is so much around you that makes you happy. You should take the day to focus on yourself, pamper yourself, be selfish and do what makes you happy, do what you enjoy and what you love. If you want to thank yourself by having a quiet evening in, then do so and enjoy every moment of it.

Card 2: Seven of Stones: Healing


We want to remind you to take a moment and just be around nature. There is healing available there for you. Spend some time with animals today or outside for a walk to just reconnect with nature. Just ask for Mother Earth or any other animals or plants that you are around if they could send you healing. You may notice you have a new idea, or a new perspective about something that was troubling you before.  We want to send you healing, all you have to do is ask.

Card 3: Queen of Stones: Bear


The mermaids want you to remember to be strong and proudly be who you are. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself if you feel the need to protect those around you, that is a part of who you are and you should embrace that. You are strong and gentle all at the same time. We want you to love every part of yourself today, the gentler side of you and your rougher side, as they all are apart of who you are.

Card 4: Knight of Vessels: Eel


Your higher self wants you to continue doing what you are doing, and you are doing a wonderful job. You are working on shaping your life to become who you want to be and if there are things that you don’t like about yourself then go ahead and change it! Continue to be true to your own self and as you go through your life you will effect the lives of others who connect with you, showing them an example of what it’s like to live your life true to who you are.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s reading! Thank you all for your constant love and support! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

How I Channel and Deliver Messages

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I’d do something a little different and explain to all of you how I deliver messages and channel. After having a conversation with a friend about it I figured it would be fun to do a post here about it as well for all of you. 🙂

The first thing I think is important no matter what you’re doing is to just let go and throw away all the definitions you hold about what is channeling, etc. If you always base what you experience by someone else’s definition then you may be overlooking and missing how you yourself experience things personally.

I never considered myself to be channeling until other people started saying that it was what I was doing. I just considered myself to be doing a reading and delivering messages. That’s because I had thought that channeling meant that you were allowing a spirit or your higher self to be speaking through you verbally. Now because I have allowed myself to understand what I do first without trying to find a definition it fits into I have a broader definition of what channeling is and I understand myself and how I experience things better. Allow you to be you first and foremost.

What I do first to prepare for doing a reading/channeling is I sit in a comfortable position and I put on music. I typically listen to the same music every time, and any meditation or relaxing music works. By listening to the same music each time I’m trying to associate the music with being in a meditative state. I also use earbuds or headphones, to cancel out the noise going on around me, but also because some meditative music is better to listen to with headphones.

Then I begin my meditation. I first ground myself and connect myself to Mother Earth through my root chakra and then connect myself up through my crown chakra to the universe. Then I just focus on my breathing and as I breathe in I imagine the energy moving up or down through my body and as I breathe out I imagine the energy moving in the opposite direction. I also like to imagine the energies intertwining and twisting around one another as they work in harmony together to help balance me. Once this is done you can go through and do a body scan, which is just focusing on your body and how it feelings, you can also do a chakra scan as well. Taking a moment to surround yourself with a protective barrier can be helpful as well if it makes you fee more comfortable. It can be as simple as breathing in white light and allowing it to form an egg around you. Do some experimenting and see what works for you. Don’t forget that you can always ask your guides if you’re having trouble finding something that works for you!

Once I’m done my personal part of the meditation I set my intentions. So I state that I’m doing this meditation to deliver messages for everyone/all of humanity, and that if there are any beings who would like to share any messages that they can work with me now. Then I just breathe and wait until I hear/see/sense a being who comes forward to work with me. So usually the readings I do here aren’t planned out, I just let whoever wants to come forth speak and I deliver what they have to say.

For me when I hear spirits speak it’s in my head and it’s sometimes the same as my own voice, and other times it’s not and they have their own distinct voices. Don’t be discouraged if you’re just hearing yourself talk, that’s normal. But I do find that I can sense a difference with the energy of the voice even if it sounds similar to my own, and there’s a difference in tone as well. So Kaine sounds similar to my own voice, but his energy is different than mine and his voice does sound more masculine to me. Whereas my Elf Mother sounds like a different female voice. Abraham Hicks sounds like Esther Hicks, and Bashar sounds like Darryl Anka – the people who channel them.

When I go to doing the posts here I just simply ask the being any questions I have for them. Like What would you like to talk about today? And then I just type. I don’t think, I just write what comes into my mind and allow what they say to flow through me. If I find a particular part doesn’t sound right or needs clarification I go back and just ask them to rephrase it or explain in another way for me so that I can express what they want to say. You may find while doing readings that they express the same idea 5 different times trying to find a way for the person to understand what they would like to say. So just trust what comes to you, and if you need an extra nudge, then just ask them and they’ll guide you.

When it comes to doing tarot or oracle card readings I follow a very similar process. I’ll at times see an image of a deck of cards that I own so I’ll know I’m being guided to use the cards to deliver a reading. Then I either follow a spread that they’re guiding me to use or I’ll ask them if they could show me another spread to use. Most of the spreads I currently use are ones that my guides have helped show me so that I can deliver the readings with them using more of my own intuition. I don’t usually use the books that come with the decks either now as I just simply ask my guides what they would like to say with each card. It’s difficult at first to let go of using the the book, but once you do you’re able to trust in yourself and your own abilities so much more!

But don’t forget that the way I experience this could be completely different to how you experience it. I’m only explaining how I experience things to help give you a better understanding. You could see images or feel different emotions. You could even smell things. Each person has their own way of experiencing these things so don’t hold yourself up to anyone else’s standards or compare yourself to what anyone else does. You’re experiencing things the way you are currently because it’s what works best for you. You’re unique so enjoy it! ❤

So that is the run down of what I do to prepare and deliver a reading, whether it’s a psychic reading or a tarot or oracle reading! If you have any questions just feel free to comment below!

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

Global Warming and Messages from Gaia/Mother Earth


Hey everyone,

The topic of today’s reading is one that a person suggested on the facebook group. She had some questions for Gaia! So here’s the reading, I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

How do you feel about the current state of global warming?

It is sad, yes, but in a way also a natural process of life. It is true, humans have advanced the progress of global warming but it is not the end. With global warming I feel at peace about it. It hurts, yes, to see humans disrespect the planet they live on, but that is only a handful compared to how many of you who would protect this earth if given the opportunity to. This is as much about learning and adapting for you as it is for me. As much as it saddens me to see species dying off, I know that it is not the end, that their lives still continue on after here. 

Is there any advice that you have on how to help stop global warming?

Simple. Just live your life as you’re meant to. If you feel as if you would like to stand up and help protect the planet you live on, then do so. Follow what you are passionate about and care about. By standing up and deciding to make even a tiny change in your world you help change the rest of the planet. If you feel that windmills are important and you believe that there is a perfect area for it near where you live, then act upon that desire if you wish. A thing as simple as using reusable bags instead of plastic bags is another way you can work on changing the world around you. It can be big or small, the change you make in your own life, and that is your choice alone. Global warming will continue, however you can help bring healing to the planet and to yourselves.

Are natural events such as forest fires, storms, etc., a way for you to cleanse the earth and remove any stagnant or negative energies?

This is a wonderful question, and thank you for asking it. In a sense, yes, natural events or disasters as you call them, are a way to remove stagnant and negative energy. It is also used to help move energy from one area to another as there are certain animals and plants that use fires and storms as a way to spread themselves further across the earth. These disasters are not to punish anymore or to say who has down wrong, they are simply a way of life, the way the energy ebbs and flows throughout the planet. 

Do you see these events as needed and necessary? 

Yes, I do. They help keep the planet in balance and allow the energy of move smoothly.

Are there any other messages that you have for everyone?

Yes, thank you for asking. Any damage that has been done to the earth is not the end, and it is not as sever as you believe it to be. I have been around for a very long time and these things are just part of a planet’s life. When you understand the connection within all of us, you’ll understand that any destruction you cause to the planet will not end my life or yours. Thank you, all of you.

Thank you, again, for suggesting this post, Tiffany! I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening and night! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

A Reading on What to Expect in 2016!

Hey everyone,

I hope you all have had wonderful New Years Eve and have had an excellent start to 2016! I decided to do a What to Expect in 2016 reading for all of you. My Elf Mother helped me today with the reading.

Also, I recently bought a lovely box for my Shadowscape Tarot Deck and some cloth to wrap it in. So I may be excited to show it off.

What to expect in 2016 – Month by Month.

Deck: Shadowscape Tarot


January: Five of Cups


What we want to say here is that this month of yours will be full of abundance. As you follow your own unique path, following what you love and what excites you, you will find the things that you desire coming into your life during this month. We are always around you, but you will begin to notice us around you even more during this month as we help give you the guidance you seek and ask for. The energy is flowing smoothly this month.

February: XV The Devil


You may find that there are some obstacles and struggles ahead for you during this month. You may feel as if things are out of reach and unobtainable. But remember that you can choose to see the good just as much as the bad in your life. You can decide to be happy and to begin focusing on the positive in your life. You are the creator of your life and so you can change the way you interpret the things are happening in your life. You may feel as if you are trapped in your current job, that an authority figure holds some sort of power over you and so you continue this job because you need it to survive. What we want you to know is that you have the power to change that. You can begin to see the positive in your job, or whatever aspect of your life you feel this way about. And so once you begin to see only the good, the things that bothered you before will begin to fall away and you will realize that everything that you had previously felt were out of reach are right there waiting for you take hold of them.

March: Four of Wands


All of that hard work you did in the previous month will pay off. You will find that through your struggles, obstacles, and lessons that you learnt in February, March will arrive to you with celebration. As the snow leaves and the plants begin to grow again you will begin to connect more with nature, with the plants and the animals. You will feel more sure of yourself, more balanced and at peace with yourself. You will understand and know what you want in your life and you will feel as if you can go for it. This is month to celebrate how far you’ve come so a far in your life.

April: V The Hierophant


What we want to say here is that April is a month where you may find you’ll need some more space to be on your own. You will require some quiet time to think and just be. Time to reconnect with your own self and with the connection that is within all of us. You will also find that you are connecting more with nature, where you may even find that a quiet walk in the woods is preferred over the company of friends. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way, this is a time meant to respect yourself and the connection you have with your own self as well. The most important relationship you have in your life is your relationship with your own self.

May: Seven of Pentacles


This is another month that is about honouring and respecting your own uniqueness. You may find you will make a new friend this month, this person may seem harsh to you or a little rough around the edges but there is a lot of wisdom with this person. You can learn a lot from them if you just honour them and allow them to be themselves and you allow yourself to be who you are. This is also a time of abundance, where you will find that the things that you desire are all around you, easily obtainable.

June: XIV Temperance


This month is about being able to see the balance in the world you live in, but also being able to see that balance within yourself. You need to be able to see and accept all parts of yourself, understand that they are there for a reason, for you to learn and love even more in your life. Again, our goal is to help you love yourselves the way we love you unconditionally. And so this month is about taking some time to work on loving every little bit of yourself, every part that you feel you don’t want, we ask that you just try loving it. Once you begin to see the balance of the world around you, and in yourself, you will then also begin to see the balance with everyone else. Those negative emotions you dislike so much are there for you to learn from. Learn to love yourself and others even with those emotions. Love unconditionally.

July: King of Wands


This is a fun month. You will find you are standing strong and are able to understand the connection you have with all the other beings in existence. You will find that you are beginning to comprehend the idea that you are the creator of your own universe. And with this understanding you will find that you are able to easily and effortlessly manifest what you desire in your life. You have found your center, your balance, and you understand what you want in your life.  You will find that there is a synchronicity in your life, that you are on the right track and you should just continue doing what you are doing presently.

August: 0 The Fool


This is a time for you to take leaps and bounds. Follow your intuition, your guidance, our guidance and follow what excites you. Take that leap you so desire to take and you will find that you will not fall to the bottom of the cliff but fly – we will help you remember to fly again. And so what this month represents for you is a time to take chances and to follow your intuition as following your higher self is what we want to to continue doing. If standing on that cliff is exciting enough for you then just stand there and embrace the excitement you get from it. This month is about learning something new, something exciting about your own self.

September: XXI The World


September is a month where you will feel as if you understand your own place in the world. You will feel a sense of harmony and connection during this month. As you gaze upon the moon above you and understand how large the world is, you also gaze upon the world you have created for yourself in your own hands. If there is a change you would like to make in your life to even further follow your excitement, then this month would be a good time to do it. As you align yourself with your higher self and understand your own beautiful place in the world you can create an even better place for yourself.

October: Seven of Wands


October is a month where you will feel as if you have to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. You may feel as if you are constantly defending yourself and those you care about, whether it is your actions, your beliefs or what you say. In this time of trying to stay true to your own self we ask that you please try to remember that each person in this universe is just trying their best. Try to take a gentler approach to it. Just remember what is truly important to you during this time and maintain a focus on the positive.

November: Ten of Pentacles


This month is about reconnecting with yourself and those close to you – to your friends and your family. There is great wisdom to be learnt by spending time together this month with those you care about. You can learn much about your own self as others during this time. Just relax and enjoy other’s company, and if you need space always respect that and give yourself the time you need to yourself. But also respect that towards others as well. Understand that if someone does not wish to spend time with you that it is not a statement against or towards you, they are just doing the same as you, they are respecting their own self and how they feel. They may feel as if they require a night in to relax, just the same as you.

December: III The Empress


December will be a wonderful month. You will be able to let go of your worries and your stresses so that you may welcome the energy of the new year to come into your life. It will be a time to look back and see all the good you have done in your life, and how you have been able to positively effect so many people you have encountered in your life. And as you realize this connection you have made with so many souls, you are able to spread so much more love and light with everything you do. See the connections that you have made and know that there are so many more connections yet to be made.


So I hope you’ve all enjoyed the reading for today! This one I will admit took a bit of time, but it was a lot fun! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and that it’s better than you could even imagine! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett

Love yourself as we Love you: Messages from my Elf Mother

Hey everyone,

Today’s messages come from my elf mother. I wanted to ask her if she could explain some things about elves for everyone. She also has some messages for everyone as well that she’d like to share. 🙂

On a side note, Arefu/Arthur is another elf that I work with.

Why do Elves exist?

We exist for the same reasons you do, to learn, to experience new things, to grow, and to spread healing and love.  

Are you like the elves depicted in Tolkien’s books?

Yes, however we are much more gentle than the elves depicted in his works. We live in both small communities and larger ones similar to cities. We are similar to human heights but on average a bit taller. Tolkien’s descriptions of our appearances are quite accurate though.

Do you have warriors or armies?

Yes, but as you know from Arefu/Arthur, an elvish warrior trains to honour and respect the abilities of the body.  There is an understanding of the connection between the mind, body and soul and with that the warrior trains to further expand his understanding of this. It is out of enjoyment, appreciation and love for the body that one chooses this path. It is not gender biased either, anyone is welcome to be a warrior as each person’s own talents and skills are celebrated. I would like to add though that we do not fight in wars or go out looking to fight among ourselves or with others. This path of a warrior is similar to why people choose to work out and choose to be body builders, because they find enjoyment and excitement in working with their physical body and understanding what they are capable of.  Arefu can go into more detail about the life of a warrior later on if you would like.

What are healers like in Elvish communities?

You can answer this one yourself just as well as I can. Healers work with the All Mother, Mother Earth or Gaia you also call her, and other beings to bring healing to people. As we have discussed previously, you yourself work with the All Mother and the tress. However there are many different beings to work with, such as animals – be it on land, in water, or in the air – plants, stones and minerals, and star matter, to name a few.

Each healer typically has a pendant or some sort of item with an emblem that is a symbol of who they connect with to bring healing to those in the community. Yours is the the Tree of Life, which as you all can easily guess, represents your connection with the All Mother and the trees. In some communities healers also wear face paint or facial markings that further represent their roles as healers and who they work with.

Where do you live?

The majority of elves live in old growth forests, similar to the one you visited before. We live  alongside the forests, co-existing and supporting one another. Unicorns reside in these kinds of forests as well as we watch over them and protect them.

What messages do you have for everyone today?

We have many messages, but it is true, the main thing we want you to all understand is the connection you have with your own self. Through that connection you’ll be able to better understand the connection you have with all other beings in existence.  It is true that your own happiness will bring you closer to your own self. Embrace what you love in life, share that feeling with others in your life, and be the change you want to see in your life, in your world. You create the world you live in because you are all creators of your own beautiful universe. We are just hear to help you with that, help you love yourself, help you follow your dreams, your aspirations, your desires.

We want you to see the beauty in each and every one of your beautiful souls the way we see you. We love you no matter what you do in your life, every little thing you think is ‘imperfect’ and you don’t like about yourself, we love. We love every part of who you are and we want you to feel that love for yourself as well.

Thank you all for your constant love and support! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


We are all connected: Messages from Mother Ayahuasca

Hey everyone,

Today’s messages are from the plant spirit Mother Ayahuasca. What she says are in italics. ❤

Why are you here? (Why do physical forms of plant spirits exist such as marijuana, shrooms and ayahuasca)

Our physical forms exist so that we may show you, humanity, the connection you have with the spirit realm. Remind you of the connection between all of us, each and every being. You are not meant to consume our physical forms on a day to day basis. It really is meant to just to be there as a reminder of the connection.

Why do people become addicted to the physical forms?

People become addicted because they wish to live simultaneously in your world and in ours. Which is possible. But is more easily done through healthier methods such as by meditation. You need to love and embrace the life you have and that is the issue with some people who become dependent upon drugs. It is that they feel unsatisfied with their current life and see the use of drugs as an escape. But you cannot live in our world completely and forget about your own existence. 

What messages do you have for everyone?

To embrace and enjoy your life you are living. There is hurt and pain, but you can change that. As you accept and embrace the good and the loving into your life you change the world around you that you live in. Being in a state of higher vibration effects those around you, it helps them be attuned with their higher self and be in a state of higher vibration. It is like you are a candle burning brightly, as you burn even brighter you spread your light and your warmth to those all around you, and if you both so choose, you may cocreate and share your flame with them to light their candle.

We all love you and we are all here to comfort you when you need it. Just call upon us and we will wrap you in our loving embrace. You are never alone because you have all of us to help cheer you up. We are here to help guide you and remind you that you are all beings of light and love. 

The reason why we have physical forms is to just remind you of what you are capable of. You are all, each and every one of you, capable of connecting with us, with the spirit world, on your own. You do not need to consume us to have the connection. It is just a reminder that you can go out and do it on your own without us. That channeling, that conversation, that feeling or thought you get high, you can do it sober. If it becomes difficult for you to do, just try a meditation and ask for our assistance and we will help guide you. You do not need to be dependent upon anything to reach that connection. 

We hope you all have a wonderful and beautiful journey today and always. ❤

I hope you all enjoyed this reading and thank you all for your constant support and love! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett