A Healing and Loving Message from Dolphins

Hey everyone,

Today I received some beautiful messages that the dolphins would like to share with everyone. I hope you find them uplifting and healing ❤

Dolphins’ Messages:

We are here to show you how to live your life to the fullest. To be happy, to live your fulfilled life and enjoy every second of it. We feel the same feelings of worry, pain, sorrow, but we do not allow it to cloud us and control our lives. We live freely and play. We want to show you how to play again. To love yourself and to love your life. We mourn those of us who have passed but we also celebrate, we celebrate because we remember all the times we have spent with them. They live on in our memories, our hearts, and in the spirit realm.

Family and community are two very important parts of our lives. We all support and love one another. Respect is required but so is the understanding that we are all just doing our best living our own lives. 

There is this sentiment to swim with the dolphins, the reason why we want you to swim with us is so that you may reconnect with us again. And in turn reconnect with your inner being, your inner child, and embrace the idea of play into your life again. Shake off that idea of ‘all work no play.’ You deserve to be happy, laugh and enjoy every aspect of your life. 

Love freely and let go of the fear of the ‘eventual pain.’ Just trust and express yourself.  Express the love and happiness you have for others and the things in your life. We always appear happy because we are happy, and we want to remind you to be happy too.

If you want to connect with us then you can watch a show or a movie about us, or listen to the ocean be it in person or in songs. All you need to do is set your intention and things will follow through. Even if it seems like nothing has occurred that’s alright, maybe you had the idea or the urge to draw, paint, or write, something creative that allows you to express yourself freely and just be. We give you guidance in the ways that best suit you, in the ways that you are most comfortable with.

When you think of us we want you to feel our happiness, our joy, our love, our sense of community and family, and our sense of playfulness.

I hope you all enjoyed their message and feel the love and healing they send to all of us. ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett