Messages From the Plant Spirit Marijuana

Hey everyone,

Firstly I’d like to say that the psychic discussion group went very well last night! I’m very excited about next week! It’s going to be a lot of fun to be able to channel for other people in person.

Now for today’s reading! Today’s messages are from the plant spirit Marijuana.

What is addiction?

We see addiction as a way of trying to live two lives at once. You wish to embrace ours while also being in your own physical reality. There are healthy ways of doing this, and then there are unhealthy ways. A healthy way would be understanding and appreciating the time you spend while you are ‘under the influence’ as you would call it. You understand that you are able to spend some of your time in both realities, enjoying your expanded consciousness through our physical forms but at the same time you also understand and embrace your own physical reality and life on its own while you are sober. Addiction, as we see it, is when you let go of your love for your own life in every aspect of it, and try to replace the parts you see as ‘bad’ or frustrating for the experiences you have while you are high. 

So to simplify, for us in the spirit realm, being addicted to a form of drug, say my physical form, is when you feel as if your life is incomplete unless you are high. We want you to love your life in every single way just as we do. We want you to fully enjoy your life when you are sober just as much as when you are exploring other experiences. 

I know Mother Ayahuasca has explained this before, but could you explain again why you have a physical form?

Of course, I would love to explain that for all of you. The reason why we have physical forms, such as shrooms, marijuana, and ayahuasca is so that we can remind you of what you are capable of. You are all capable of achieving a higher state of consciousness without our assistance. They are here as reminders of what you are all capable of, of what you can all achieve on your own without even using us physically for assistance. Many of you have reached these states on your own through meditation and other methods that help you connect with the universe and your higher self.  

We are meant to be used as a guide to help teach you and remind you of your own abilities. And if you ever need our assistance you may always call upon us to help guide you in spirit as well.

Why do your physical forms have negative side effects?

That is simple to answer, and thank you for asking. Our physical forms have negative side effects because they are meant to remind you that they are to be used every once in a while as a reminder of what you are each able to achieve on your own. The negative side effects are present so that it can remind you that our physical forms are to be used as a tool and as a guide, but that you are always capable of reaching these states of consciousness without our physical forms.

Thank you, Marijuana. What is one message that you would like everyone to hear?

That is a beautiful question, thank you. I would love to remind everyone that you are capable of loving every aspect of who you are and every aspect of your life unconditionally. We love every part of what makes you you, and we are always excited to witness each of you enjoying your lives. If there is a part of your life that you find frustrating or dislike, then you may simply ask the universe to help show you a new perspective. You will notice that something or someone will be placed along your path that will help show you this new perspective. Please be gentle with yourself and love yourself unconditionally as we love you. 

Thank you, again, for your messages and for working with all of us today, Marijuana.

You are very welcome. It is always a pleasure to work with all of you. I love each and every one of you unconditionally as we all do. ❤

I hope you all enjoyed today’s reading! Thank you all for your constant support and love! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett


How Breathing Connects Us with Our Higher Self: Messages from my Red Dragon Friend

Hey everyone!

My apologies for not posting any messages for a while. I was a bit caught up with work. But I have wonderful news! I’m going to be hosting a Psychic Discussion Group and Channeling group at The Center in Halifax starting tonight! Each week a friend of mine, Eric, and I will be alternating between holding a discussion group and a channeling session. Sort of like a Q&A where people can ask spirit questions. I’m very excited of course!

With that bit of news done with, I’ll begin the reading for all of you today. 🙂 It’s from my Red Dragon friend, Isadora’s partner.

What would you like to talk about today?

Breathe, little one. Just breathe in and out. We want to remind all of you about the connect that you all have, each and every one of you, with source, with the universe and with every being in existence.

I was wondering, could you explain why or how breathing allows us to connect with our higher selves and be in alignment?

That is a very good question, and I know that you have been wanting to ask it for a while now, thank you. 

First off, breathing allows you to release yourself from the worries and stresses you are holding onto during your day. By focusing on solely your breathing you are letting go of your focus on the other things that are occupying your mind. You are able to just sit and be. And so we always remind you to breathe properly because we wish to remind you of your state of being.  How you feel when you are calm and at ease and where there is nothing else to concern yourself with other than your breathing and just being still and at peace.

Breathing also allows you time to sort of ‘restart’ in a sense and allow yourself time and space to be able to look at a situation in a new perspective. Since breathing allows you to connect more easily with your higher self and allows you to more easily be in alignment, then you will be more open to receiving the messages that are there for you. Again, these messages could be as simple as a new idea about something that you are going through.

Breathing is such a beautiful and wonderful experience. It help sustain your life physically but it is also one of your greatest tools for connecting with your higher self and the universe. Allow yourself time to just appreciate your breath and how breathing feels for you. Just enjoy it.

What is some advice you could give for someone who finds it difficult to just sit and breathe?

It depends on the situation, but if it is simply that a person finds it difficult to just focus on their breathing because of what is going on currently in their life, then that is okay. Our advice to you is to just focus simply on your breathing, pay attention to how your diaphragm or stomach expands as you breath in, and how your chest and lungs expand further as you breathe air up through your body. Then focus on how it feels to exhale and just feel the breath leaving your body. Simply repeat this process until you feel at ease. It is not necessary to do this for very long to understand the purpose of it. You may call this meditation if you would like to, since it is a form of it. But if you do feel uncomfortable with calling it that, then just simply call it a breathing exercise to help you feel calm and at ease.

You only need 5 or 10 minutes to be able to experience the calmness that comes with focusing solely on your breathing. If you can, try to let go of thinking while you do so. You may even find it difficult to think if you are focused on your inhale and exhale of breath. 

Thank you, my friend. Are there any more messages that you have for everyone?

You are very welcome. Ah yes, there are, as always, more messages we would like to deliver. 

First, we understand that for some of you, it is winter and therefore you find it difficult to go outside and enjoy yourself due to the coldness and the weather. We would like to remind you that you can have just as much enjoyment and fun inside as you can outside. Just follow your heart and what excites you. Again, you can always write a list of things that you could do, be it TV, video games, reading a book, or even hosting a board games night with friends and family who live close by. Then choose whatever on that list that feels the most fun and exciting to you and do it! We would like to ask that all of you try to keep this in mind whenever you feel as if you are ‘missing out’ because you are stuck inside due to weather or unforeseen events. 

Remember: you are in control of your own happiness – no one else. Let go of the expectation that someone else must make you happy or that you will be unhappy since you are spending a night in on your own. If are are alone then just enjoy your own company! Sing a duet together with yourself! Do whatever it is that makes you happy!

Secondly, remember that this connection you have with yourself is also your connection to the universe. You create the world you live in. If you do not like something that is going on, then make the change in your own life for yourself that you would like to see in the world. The Law of Attraction is a good thing to keep in mind when working on the changes you would like to see in your life, and in the world. You will attract like-minded people to you, and like-minded situations into your life. If you focus on your own happiness and treat everyone with kindness, calmness, and understanding, then you will begin to notice that the majority of people with whom you interact with during your day will treat you in the same manner. And so you can use this understanding you bring change to your world.

Thank you, for those messages. It is always a pleasure to work with you!

You are very welcome my friend. We love working with you as well and helping you deliver these messages for everyone. It is very exciting being able to watch each of you grow in your own beautiful way. Thank you.

I hope you all enjoyed the messages! Thank you all, as always, for your support! ❤

Blessed Be,

Katherine Everett